Algorithms in C (paperback)

Robert Sedgewick




This new version of the best-selling book, Algorithms, SecondEdition, provides a comprehensive collection of algorithmsimplemented in C. A variety of algorithms are described in eachofthe following areas: sorting, searching, string-processing, geometric, graph, and mathematical algorithms. These algorithmsare expressed in terms of concise implementations in C, so thatreaders can both appreciate their fundamental properties and testthem on real applications. The treatment of analysis of algorithms is carefully developed. When appropriate, analytic results are discussed to illustratewhy certain algorithms are preferred, and in some cases, therelationship of the practical algorithms being disussed to purelytheoretical results is also described. Features *Hundreds of detailed, innovative figures clearly demonstratehow important algorithms work. *Throughout the book, properties sections encapsulatespecific information on the performance characteristics ofalgorithms. *Six chapters present fundamental concepts, including a briefintroduction to data structures. Algorithms in C provides readers with the tools to confidentlyimplement, run, and debug useful algorithms.This book may beuseful for self-study, or as a reference for people engaged inthe development of computer systems for applications programs