High-temperature Electronics (a Selected Reprint Volume)


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Electrical Engineering High-Temperature Electronics High-Temperature Electronics provides expert coverage of the applications, characteristics, design, selection, and operation of electronic devices and circuits at temperatures above the conventional limit of 125°C. This volume contains approximately 100 key reprinted papers covering a wide range of topics related to high-temperature electronics, nine chapter introductions, eight invited papers, extensive references, and a comprehensive bibliography. It brings the reader a well-rounded review of high-temperature electronics from its beginnings decades ago through the present and beyond to possible future technologies. The scope of High-Temperature Electronics includes active components from standard and advanced semiconductor materials, passive components, as well as technologies for metallizations, interconnections, and the assembly and packaging of electronic components. This book will provide active researchers, technology developers, managers, materials scientists, and advanced students with a fundamental grounding in high-temperature electronics technology.


Table of Contents:





General Introduction (R. Kirschman).

The Characterization of High-Temperature Electronics for Future Aircraft Engine Digital Electronic Control Systems (J. Wiley and D. Dening).

A Summary of High-Temperature Electronics Research and Development (F. Thome and D. King).

An Overview of High-Temperature Electronic Device Technologies and Potential Applications (P. Dreike, et al.).

Silicon and Gallium Arsenide in High-Temperature Electronics Applications (J. Klein).

The Influence of Temperature on Integrated Circuit Failure Mechanisms (M. Pecht, et al.).

Assessment of Reliability Concerns for Wide-Temperature Operation of Semiconductor Devices and Circuits (J. Kopanski, et al.).

High-Temperature Silicon Carbide Electronic Devices (Westinghouse).

Hot Time in Store for ICs (N. Mokhoff).

Beat-the-heat Hybrids Ready to Go to Market (L. Lowe).

High-Temperature Transistor and Thyristor Developed.

High-Temperature Electronics and Sensors.

New Transistors Take the Heat.


Introduction (F. Thomê and D. King).

Thermal Protection Methods for Electronics in Hot Wells (G. Bennett).

Service Company Needs (P. Sinclair).

Present and Future Needs in High-Temperature Electronics for the Well Logging Industry (N. Sanders).

High-Temperature Electronics for Geothermal Energy (A. Veneruso).

High-Temperature Electronic Requirements in Aeropropulsion Systems (W. Nieberding and J. Powell).

The Requirements for High-Temperature Electronics in a Future High Speed Transport (C. Carlin and J. Ray).

High-Temperature Electronics for Automobiles (M. Tamor).

High-Temperature Automotive Electronics: An Overview (J. Erskine, et al.).

High-Temperature Electronics Applications in Space Exploration (R. Jurgens).

Research Activity on High-Temperature Electronics and Its Future Application in Space Exploration in Japan (M. Tajima).

Wireless, In-vessel Neutron Monitor for Initial Core-Loading of Advanced Breeder Reactors (J. DeLorenzi, et al.).

The Effect of Maximum Allowable Payload Temperature on the Mass of a Multimegawatt Space Based Platform (D. Dobranich).


Introduction (F. Shoucair).

High-Temperature Silicon Diodes Models (E. Clarke, et al.).

High-Temperature Microelectronics—Expanding the Applications for Smart Sensors (R. Brown, et al.).

Extension of High-Temperature Electronics (B. Draper and D. Palmer).

Integrated Circuit Characteristics at 260°C for Aircraft Engine-Control Applications (L. Palkuti, et al.).

350°C CMOS Logic Process (J. Beasom, et al.).

Process Characteristics and Design Methods for a 300°C Quad Operational Amplifier (J. Beasom and R. Patterson III).

A High-Temperature Precision Amplifier (I. Finvers, et al.).

Design Considerations in High-Temperature Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits (F. Shoucair).

Scaling, Subthreshold, and Leakage Current Matching Characteristics in High-Temperature (25°C-250°C) VLSI CMOS Devices (F. Shoucair).

Scaling CMOS Design Rules for High-Temperature Latchup Immunity (R. Brown and K. Wu).

Integrated Injection Logic with Extended Temperature Range Capability (D. Dening, et al.).

Progress of High-Temperature Silicon Integrated Injection Logic (M. Migitaka and H. Naito).

High-Temperature Behavior of MOS Devices (J. Kronberg).

High-Temperature Operation of nMOSFET on Bonded SOI (Y. Arimoto).

Silicon-on-insulator Technology for High-Temperature Metal Oxide Semiconductor Devices and Circuits (D. Flandre).

High-Temperature Silicon-on-insulator Electronics for Space Nuclear Power Systems: Requirements and Feasibility (D. Fleetwood, et al.).

A MOS Switched-Capacitor Ladder Filter in SIMOX Technology for High-Temperature Applications up to 300° C (M. Verbeck, et al.).

The Effect of Temperature on Lateral DMOS Transistors in a Power IC Technology (G. Dolny, et al.).

200°C Operation of Semiconductor Power Devices (R. Johnson, et al.).


Introduction (P. Dreike and T. Zipperian).

Compound Semiconductors for High-Temperature Electronic Applications (T. Zipperian and R. Chaffin).

Fabrication and High-Temperature Characteristics of Ion-implanted GaAs Bipolar Transistors and Ring-oscillators (F. Doerbeck, et al.).

Microwave Characterization and Comparison of Performance of GaAs Based MESFETs, HEMTs and HBTs Operating at High Ambient Temperatures (K. Fricke, et al.).

Evaluation of AlxGa1-x) As for High-Temperature Electronic Junction Device Applications (T. Zipperian, et al.).

A GaAs Integrated Differential Amplifier for Operation up to 300°C (G. Schweeger, et al.).

AlGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs DHBT's for High-Temperature Stable Circuits (K. Fricke, et al.).

Technology Towards GaAs MESFET-based IC for High-Temperature Applications (J. Würfl and B. Janke).

High-Temperature Electronics Using Complementary Heterostructure FET (CHFET) Technology (S. Baier, et al.).

Low Leakage GaAs MESFET Devices Operating to 350°C Ambient Temperature (R. Lee, et al.).

Modelling III-V Devices Operating at 300-400°C (C. Wilson and A. O'Neill).

High-Temperature Performance and Operation of HFET's (C. Wilson, et al.).

Recent Advances in Gallium Phosphide Junction Devices for High-Temperature Electronic Applications (T. Zipperian, et al.).

A GaP MESFET for High-Temperature Applications (M. Weichold, et al.).

High-Temperature Gallium Phosphide Field Effect Transistors (Y. Zhilyaev, et al.).

High-Temperature Characteristics of A1As/GaAs/A1As Resonant Tunneling Diodes (M. Deen).


Introduction (R. Davis).

High-Temperature Point-contact Transistors and Schottky Diodes Formed on Synthetic Boron-doped Diamond (M. Geis, et al.).

Diamond Thin-film Recessed Gate Field-Effect Transistors Fabricated by Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma Etching (S. Grot, et al.).

Diamond Field-Effect Transistors (D. Dreifus, et al.).

High-Temperature dc and RF Performance of p-type Diamond MESFET: Comparison with n-type GaAs MESFET (M. Shin, et al.).

Cubic Boron Nitride pn Junction Diode Made at High Pressure as a High-Temperature Diode and an Ultraviolet LED (O. Mishima, et al.).

GaN FETs for Microwave and High-Temperature Applications (S. Binari, et al.).

GaN Based Transistors for High-Temperature Applications (M. Khan and M. Shur).

500°C Operation of a GaN/SiC Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (S. Chang, et al.).

Whatever Happened to Silicon Carbide (R. Campbell).

Characterization of Device Parameters in High-Temperature Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors in β-SiC Thin Films (J. Palmour, et al.).

Status of Silicon Carbide (SiC) as a Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor for High-Temperature Applications: A Review (J. Casady and R. Johnson).

Analysis of Silicon Carbide Power Device Performance (M. Bhatnagar and B. Baliga).

Analysis of Neutron Damage in High-Temperature Silicon Carbide JFETs (F. McLean, et al.).

Dynamic Charge Storage in 6H Silicon Carbide (C. Gardner, et al.).

Monolithic NMOS Digital Integrated Circuits in 6H-SiC (W. Xie, et al.).


Introduction (E. Kolawa).

Amorphous Metallizations for High-Temperature Semiconductor Device Applications (J. Wiley, et al.).

Reliability of High-Temperature I2L Integrated Circuits (D. Dening, et al.).

Gallium Phosphide Devices (O. Eknoyan, et al.).

Reliability of High-Temperature Metallizations with Amorphous Ternary Diffusion Barriers (E. Kolawa, et al).

Metal-GaAs Interaction and Contact Degradation in Microwave MESFETs (E. Zanoni, et al.).

A New GaAs Technology for Stable FET's at 300°C (K. Fricke, et al.).

New Technology Developments for III-V Semiconductor Devices Operating Above 300°C (K. Fricke, et al.).

Refractory Self-Aligned-Gate GaAs FET Based Circuit Technology for High Ambient Temperatures (S. Swirhun, et al.).

High-Temperature Ohmic and Schottky Contacts to N-Type 6H-SiC Using Nickel (J. Williams, et al.).

High-Temperature Contacts to Chemically Vapour Deposited Diamond Films—Reliability Issues (C. Johnston, et al.).


Introduction (R. Kirschman).

Batteries for High-Temperature Electronics (W. Clark).

Hybrid Microcircuitry for 300° Operation (D. Palmer).

Investigations in Thick Film Components for High-Temperature Systems (R. Dittmann, et al.).

Fabrication of Passive Components for High-Temperature Instrumentation (L. Raymond, et al.).

Thermal Degradation and Termination Behavior of Thick Film Resistors (T. Nordstrom).

Thermal Aging of Thick-Film Resistors (B. Morten and M. Prudenziati).

Electrical Characterization of Glass, Teflon, and Tantalum Capacitors at High-Temperatures (A. Hammoud, et al.).

Development of Temperature-Stable Thick-Film Dielectrics: II. Medium-K Dielectric (B.-S. Chiou).

High-Temperature Performance of Polymer Film Capacitors (R. Grzybowski and F. McCluskey).

Materials for 300-500°C Magnetic Components (M. Weichold, et al.).

A Zero-Insertion-Force Hybrid Circuit Connector for Severe Environments (P. Sinclair).


Introduction (R. Johnson).

Pushing the Limit—The Rise of High-Temperature Electronics (P. McCluskey and M. Pecht).

Metallurgical Bonding Systems for High-Temperature Electronics (G. Harman)

High-Temperature Electronics Packaging (D. Palmer).

Extreme Temperature Range Microelectronics (D. Palmer and R. Heckman).

A-55°C to + 200°C 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (P. Prazak).

Hybrid A/D Converter for 200°C Operation (M. Sullivan and J. Toth).

High-Temperature Hybrids for Use up to 275°C—Drift and Lifetime (A. Veneruso, et al.).

A Hybrid Silicon Carbide Differential Amplifier for 350°C Operation (M. Tomana, et al.).

High-Temperature Aluminum Nitride Packaging (T. Martin and T. Bloom).

High-Temperature Applications for IC Plastic Encapsulated Packages (A. Chen and R. Lo).

Electronics Packaging and Test Fixturing for the 500° C Environment. (R. Grzybowski and M. Gericke).


Introduction (R. Kirschman).

Design Approaches for Core Memories Operating to 200°C (B. Kaufman).

Thermionic Integrated Micromodules (J. Beggs, et al.).

Tube Design News (General Electric).

Development of Integrated Thermionic Circuits for High-Temperature Applications (J. McCormick, et al.).

An Electrochemical Transistor Using a Solid Electrolyte (R. Hetrick, et al.).

BIBLIOGRAPHY (R. Kirschman).

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Subject Index.

Reprint Reference-Code Index.

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