E-Commerce Developer's Guide to Building Community and Using Promotional Tools

Noel Jerke



Help Your Community Thrive with High Standards and Best Practices.

By now, it's clear that community is the key to any online venture: bring together an identifiable group of users who return to your site regularly and you have a solid foundation for success. Focusing on powerful Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server and ASP, this book teaches you to build the required site functionality and implement it to create a self-sustaining, evolving online community with vast economic potential.

Coverage Includes

Understanding community concepts
  • Exploring Microsoft technologies and what they offer
  • Making shrewd system design decisions
  • Setting up the server farm
  • Developing a visitor-driven content directory
  • Building a full-featured guest register
  • Implementing discussion forums
  • Creating polling tools
  • Tracking site usage
  • Applying tuning techniques to get optimal results
  • Following best practices to maximize the health of your community



現在,很明顯社區是任何在線企業的關鍵:將一群可識別的用戶聚集在一起,他們定期回訪您的網站,您就擁有了成功的堅實基礎。本書專注於強大的Microsoft技術,如SQL Server和ASP,教您構建所需的網站功能並實施它,以創建一個具有巨大經濟潛力的自給自足、不斷發展的在線社區。


- 理解社區概念
- 探索Microsoft技術及其提供的功能
- 做出明智的系統設計決策
- 設置伺服器農場
- 開發以訪客為導向的內容目錄
- 構建功能完整的訪客註冊系統
- 實施討論論壇
- 創建投票工具
- 追蹤網站使用情況
- 應用調優技術以獲得最佳結果
- 遵循最佳實踐以最大程度地提升社區的健康狀態