E-Commerce Essentials with Microsoft FrontPage Version 2002

Greg Holden

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  • 出版日期: 2001-08-25
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  • 相關分類: 電子商務 E-commerce
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Get your business on the Net with a commerce-ready site you build yourself

With millions of potential new customers and partners on the Internet, now’s the time to get your business on line—and growing—with this hands-on guide to Microsoft® FrontPage® 2002. With it, you’ll learn how to take advantage of the commerce-ready tools built into FrontPage to set up shop faster and easier—without writing a single line of code. From setting up a cart-and-checkout system to delivering top-notch customer care, you get the easy-to-follow steps, checklists, and expert recommendations you need for a successful venture that thrives on line!


• Focus your business goals, and design your site from the customer’s perspective
• Learn what key elements make your site transaction-friendly and encourage repeat business
• Use FrontPage with other Microsoft Office applications to generate great content and deliver real-time data and search capabilities
• Find free and low-cost resources—including Microsoft bCentral™ small business services—to help build traffic and sales
• Road-test your site before going live—learning how many seconds of download time you have before customers jump ship
• Employ the customer-service tools that build credibility and loyalty, and use feedback to fine-tune your site


Table of Contents:

Dedication x
Acknowledgements x
Introduction xi
CHAPTER 1  Getting Your Business Online 1
    What Do You Want Your Site To Do? 3
        Why Do You Want To Sell Online? 5
        What Do You Want To Sell? 8
        Decide How to Reach Your Customers 10
        Let Your Customer Drive Your Content 12
    How Two Successful Online Businesses Use FrontPage 16
        Striking Out on a New Path 16
        Exploring New Horizons in Health and Spirituality 18
CHAPTER 2  Getting to Know Your Online Customers 21
    Understanding Those Fickle, Hurried, Skeptical Online Shoppers 22
        Research Likely Customers Online 23
    Who Are Your Online Competitors? 23
        Learning About Your Customers by Eavesdropping 24
    What Do Your Customers Need? 26
        "Make me feel welcome." 26
        "Make purchasing a no-brainer." 27
        "Make me feel safe about shopping here." 27
        "Give me a reason to buy from you." 28
        Reviewing What You've Learned 28
    Creating a Customer Profile 30
    How Do You Meet Your Customers' Needs? 31
        Making Your Customers Feel Welcome 32
        Buying the Easy Way 35
        The Extra Touch that Means So Much 36
CHAPTER 3  Keeping Your Customers' Information Private 37
    Mitigating the Risks of E-commerce 38
        Protecting Data 39
    Reassuring your Customer with a Privacy Policy 42
        Writing a Privacy Statement 43
        Encouraging Customers to Share Information 43
    Knowing your Responsibilities as a Credit Card Merchant 44
        Preventing Trouble by Knowing What Can Go Wrong 45
        Developing Best Practices for Credit Card Payment 46
    Keeping Directories Secure 47
CHAPTER 4  Assembling What You Need to Do Business Online 49
    Your Site Planning Checklist 49
    Setting up Your Infrastructure 52
        Getting a Good Domain Name 52
        Finding a Home for Your Web Site 54
    Connecting Your Office to the Internet 61
CHAPTER 5  Building an E-commerce Tool Kit 65
    Pushing the Web Envelope with FrontPage 65
    Gathering Web Site Development Tools 67
        Choosing the Right Computer 67
        Making and Managing Graphics 68
        Visiting Your Own Web Site 71
        Using Other Browsers 72
        Keeping in Touch with Mail and News 73
CHAPTER 6  Blueprinting Your Online Store 77
    Designing Your Site's Structure 78
        Creating a Logical Page Flow 79
        Drawing a Site Map 82
        Jump-Starting Your Web: Wizards, Templates, and Themes 86
        Creating Your Core Pages with the Corporate Presence Wizard 87
        Customizing Your Business Site 91
    Other FrontPage Design Tools 100
        Selecting a Color Palette 100
        Getting Consistency with Shared Borders 102
        Modifying Pictures with the Pictures Toolbar 104
        Learning More About Web Design 105
CHAPTER 7  Adding Search and Navigation Links 107
    Refining Your Site Structure 108
        Looking at Your Navigation Links 108
        Adding and Deleting Pages 113
    Making Your Site Payment-Friendly 117
        Providing an Express Purchase Lane 118
        Avoiding Distractions and Dead-Ends 119
    Adding Search 120
        How FrontPage's Search Function Works 121
        Adding a Search Form to Any Page 122
        Customizing Search Results 124
    Adding a Site Map 125
CHAPTER 8  Streamlining Web Sales with an Online Catalog 127
    Designing an Effective Online Catalog 129
    Creating a Catalog with Microsoft bCentral Commerce Manager 132
        Choosing a Sales Channel 135
        Assembling What You Need to Get Started 138
        Installing the Commerce Manager Add-in 138
        Creating a Catalog with the E-commerce Wizard 140
        Adding to or Changing Your Catalog 153
CHAPTER 9  Accepting Online Payments 155
    Using bCentral to Process Credit Card Payments 156
CHAPTER 10  Managing Sales and Customer Contacts 161
    Responding to Incoming Orders 162
        Setting Up E-mail Notification 162
        Processing Incoming Orders 165
        Handling Returns 170
    Calculating Sales Tax 170
    Adding Shipping Rates 171
CHAPTER 11  Testing Your Site Before the Doors Open 175
    Taking Your Site for a Test Drive 176
        When Should You Test Your Site? 177
        Getting Help from FrontPage 179
    Testing on Multiple Browsers 181
        Testing with the Most Popular Browsers in Mind 182
        How Long Should You Test? 184
CHAPTER 12  Attention-Grabbing Customer Come-Ons 187
    Finding Good Company 188
    Putting Billboards on the Web Highway 188
        Getting Your Site into Search Engines 189
        Exchanging Banner Ads 193
        Exchanging Links with Other Sites 197
        Enlisting Your Own Affiliates 198
    Reaching Customers with Direct E-mail 198
CHAPTER 13  Keeping Track of Your Customers 201
    Where Do They Go? 202
        Viewing Web Site Logs 202
        Adding a Hit Counter 205
        Reading Usage Reports 207
        Looking at Your Top 10 Lists 209
CHAPTER 14  Keeping the Customer Satisfied 213
    Adding Customer Support Pages 214
        Creating the Customer Support Area 214
        Customizing the Support Pages 216
    Adding bCentral Customer Manager to Your Site 220
        Tracking Orders 223
CHAPTER 15  Building a Customer Community 225
    Do Your Customers Need a Community Forum? 226
        What Do You Gain From a Community Forum? 228
        Organizing a Community Forum 228
    Setting Up a Discussion or Support Forum 230
        Making Your Forum a Success 232
        Publishing Your Files 234
        Adding a Discussion Forum 234
        Managing Your Discussion Group 237
        Setting Up a Mailing List 238
        Setting Up a Chat Area 240
CHAPTER 16  Keeping Your Content Fresh 243
    Doing a Regular Tune-Up 244
        Setting a Maintenance Schedule 246
        Updating Links 247
        Listening to Your Customers 248
        Update One Thing Per Day 250
    Borrowing Third-Party Content 252
        Adding Automatic Web Content 253
        Linking to Online News Services 255
CHAPTER 17  Managing Traffic, Outages, and Performance 257
    Why Monitor Your Web Site? 258
    Monitoring Web Site Performance 258
        Installing Site Monitoring Software 258
        Hiring a Monitoring Service 259
    Dealing with Web Site Outages 260
        Talking to Your Host 261
        Exploring Better Hosting Options 261
        If You Do Have to Move... 262
CHAPTER 18  Adding New Features to Your E-commerce Site 265
    When to Redesign Your Site 266
        You're Overwhelmed by Success 266
        You Just Need a Makeover 267
    Strengthening Your Business Presence 268
        Joining a Business Community 269
        Becoming a bCentral Business Customer 269
    Taking Stock with a Database 269
        Adding a Spreadsheet to a Web Page 270
        Publishing an Excel File to Your Web Site 272
    Working with an Access Database 276
    Using Third-Party Resources 277