PCI Express Technology 3.0 (dhl)

Mike Jackson, Ravi Budruk

  • 出版商: MindShare Press
  • 出版日期: 2012-10-15
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0977087867
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"MindShare books are critical in the understanding of complex technical topics, such as PCI Express 3.0 architecture. Many of our customers and industry partners depend on these books for the success of their projects."
Joe Mendolia - Vice President, LeCroy

PCI Express 3.0 is the latest generation of the popular peripheral interface found in virtually every PC, server, and industrial computer. Its high bandwidth, low latency, and cost-to-performance ratio make it a natural choice for many peripheral devices today. Each new generation of PCI Express adds more features, capabilities and bandwidth, which maintains its popularity as a device interconnect.

MindShare's books take the hard work out of deciphering the specs, and this one follows that tradition. MindShare's PCI Express Technology book provides a thorough description of the interface with numerous practical examples that illustrate the concepts. Written in a tutorial style, this book is ideal for anyone new to PCI Express. At the same time, its thorough coverage of the details makes it an essential resource for seasoned veterans.

Essential topics covered include:

  • PCI Express Origins
  • Configuration Space and Access Methods
  • Enumeration Process
  • Packet Types and Fields
  • Transaction Ordering
  • Traffic Classes, Virtual Channels and Arbitration (QoS)
  • Flow Control
  • ACK/NAK Protocol
  • Logical PHY (8b/10b, 128b/130b, Scrambling)
  • Electrical PHY
  • Link Training and Initialization
  • Interrupt Delivery (Legacy, MSI, MSI-X)
  • Error Detection and Reporting
  • Power Management (for both software and hardware)
  • 2.0 and 2.1 Features (such as 5.0GT/s, TLP Hints, and Multi-Casting)
  • 3.0 Features (such as 8.0GT/s, and a new encoding scheme)
  • Considerations for High Speed Signaling (such as Equalization)


「MindShare的書籍對於理解複雜的技術主題非常重要,例如PCI Express 3.0架構。我們的許多客戶和行業合作夥伴都依賴這些書籍來確保他們的項目成功。」- Joe Mendolia,LeCroy副總裁

「PCI Express 3.0」是目前流行的外設介面的最新一代,幾乎在每台個人電腦、伺服器和工業電腦中都能找到。它的高頻寬、低延遲和性價比使其成為當今許多外設設備的自然選擇。每一代新的PCI Express都增加了更多的功能、能力和頻寬,這使得它作為設備互連的選擇保持了其受歡迎程度。

MindShare的書籍讓解讀規格變得輕鬆,而這本書也延續了這一傳統。MindShare的PCI Express技術書籍詳細描述了介面,並提供了許多實際示例來說明概念。這本書以教程的形式撰寫,非常適合初次接觸PCI Express的人。同時,它對細節的全面覆蓋使其成為經驗豐富的專業人士的必備資源。

- PCI Express的起源
- 配置空間和訪問方法
- 枚舉過程
- 封包類型和字段
- 事務排序
- 流量類別、虛擬通道和仲裁(QoS)
- 流量控制
- 邏輯PHY(8b/10b、128b/130b、Scrambling)
- 電氣PHY
- 鏈路訓練和初始化
- 中斷傳遞(Legacy、MSI、MSI-X)
- 錯誤檢測和報告
- 電源管理(軟體和硬體)
- 2.0和2.1的功能(例如5.0GT/s、TLP Hints和多播)
- 3.0的功能(例如8.0GT/s和新的編碼方案)
- 高速信號傳輸的考慮事項(例如均衡)