SQL Server Advanced Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning: Best Practices and Techniques

Korotkevitch, Dmitri

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  • 出版日期: 2022-06-21
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This practical book provides a comprehensive overview of troubleshooting and performance tuning best practices for Microsoft SQL Server. Database engineers, including database developers and administrators, will learn how to identify performance issues, troubleshoot the system in a holistic fashion, and properly prioritize tuning efforts to attain the best system performance possible.

Author Dmitri Korotkevitch, Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Master (MCM), explains the interdependencies between SQL Server database components. You'll learn how to quickly diagnose your system and discover the root cause of any issue. Techniques in this book are compatible with all versions of SQL Server and cover both on-premises and cloud-based SQL Server installations.

  • Discover how performance issues present themselves in SQL Server
  • Learn about SQL Server diagnostic tools, methods, and technologies
  • Perform health checks on SQL Server installations
  • Learn the dependencies between SQL Server components
  • Tune SQL Server to improve performance and reduce bottlenecks
  • Detect poorly optimized queries and inefficiencies in query execution plans
  • Find inefficient indexes and common database design issues
  • Use these techniques with Microsoft Azure SQL databases, Azure SQL Managed Instances, and Amazon RDS for SQL Server


這本實用的書提供了關於Microsoft SQL Server故障排除和性能調優的最佳實踐的全面概述。包括數據庫開發人員和管理員在內的數據庫工程師將學習如何識別性能問題,以整體方式進行系統故障排除,並妥善安排調優工作,以實現最佳系統性能。

作者Dmitri Korotkevitch是Microsoft數據平台MVP和Microsoft認證大師(MCM),他解釋了SQL Server數據庫組件之間的相互依賴關係。您將學習如何快速診斷系統並發現任何問題的根本原因。本書中的技術適用於所有版本的SQL Server,並涵蓋本地和基於雲的SQL Server安裝。

- 發現SQL Server中的性能問題
- 了解SQL Server的診斷工具、方法和技術
- 對SQL Server安裝進行健康檢查
- 學習SQL Server組件之間的相互依賴關係
- 調優SQL Server以改善性能並減少瓶頸
- 檢測優化不良的查詢和查詢執行計劃的效率問題
- 找出效率低下的索引和常見的數據庫設計問題
- 將這些技術應用於Microsoft Azure SQL數據庫、Azure SQL Managed Instances和Amazon RDS for SQL Server等平台。

該書的內容將幫助讀者更好地理解SQL Server的性能調優和故障排除,從而提高系統的性能和效率。


Dmitri Korotkevitch is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and the Director ofDatabase Services at Chewy.com. He specializes in the design, development, and performance tuning of complex OLTP systems that handle thousands of transactions per second, and has years of experience working with Microsoft SQL Server as an Application and Database Developer, Database Administrator, and Database Architect. Dmitri also provides SQL Server consulting services and training to clients around the world.


Dmitri Korotkevitch 是一位微軟資料平台 MVP,也是 Chewy.com 的資料庫服務總監。他專注於設計、開發和性能調優複雜的 OLTP 系統,這些系統每秒處理數千筆交易。他在微軟 SQL Server 上擁有多年的應用和資料庫開發、資料庫管理和資料庫架構師的經驗。Dmitri 也為全球客戶提供 SQL Server 諮詢服務和培訓。