Modernizing Enterprise Java: A Concise Cloud Native Guide for Developers

Eisele, Markus, Vinto, Natale



While containers, microservices, and distributed systems dominate discussions in the tech world, the majority of applications in use today still run monolithic architectures that follow traditional development processes. This practical book helps developers examine long-established Java-based models, and demonstrates how to bring these monolithic applications successfully into the future.

Relying on their years of experience modernizing applications, authors Markus Eisele and Natale Vinto walk you through the steps necessary to update your organization's Java application. You'll discover how to dismantle your monolithic application and move to an up-to-date software stack that works across cloud and on-premises installations.

  • Learn the basics of cloud native applications and understand what parts of your organization's Java-based applications and platforms need to migrate and modernize
  • Understand how enterprise Java specifications can help you transition projects and teams
  • Build a cloud native platform that supports effective development without falling into buzzword traps
  • Find a starting point for your migration projects by identifying candidates and staging them through modernization steps
  • Discover how to complement a traditional enterprise Java application with components on top of containers and Kubernetes
  • Go beyond and look toward the future of cloud-native, serverless, event-driven architectures



作者Markus Eisele和Natale Vinto依靠多年的應用現代化經驗,引導您完成更新組織Java應用程式所需的步驟。您將了解如何拆解單體應用程式並遷移到跨雲端和本地安裝的最新軟體堆疊。

- 學習雲原生應用程式的基礎知識,並了解組織的Java應用程式和平台需要遷移和現代化的部分
- 瞭解企業級Java規範如何幫助您轉換專案和團隊
- 建立一個支援有效開發且不陷入時髦詞語陷阱的雲原生平台
- 通過識別候選項目並進行現代化步驟的分期,找到遷移專案的起點
- 發現如何在容器和Kubernetes之上補充傳統企業級Java應用程式的組件
- 超越現在,展望雲原生、無伺服器、事件驅動架構的未來


Markus is a Java Champion, former Java EE Expert Group member, founder of JavaLand, reputed speaker at Java conferences around the world, and a very well known figure in the Enterprise Java world.

With more than 16 years of professional experience in the industry, he designed and developed large Enterprise grade applications for Fortune 500 companies. As an experienced team lead and architect, he helped implement some of the largest integration projects in automotive, finance and insurance companies.

More than 12 years of international speaking experience and 5 years in developer advocacy with a strong focus on Java platforms helped him build a large network of professionals and influencers.He is an O'Reilly author and helped with technical reviews of more than 10 books about technologies he cares for. He published more than 100 articles in various IT publications over the last 10 years.

Natale is a Software Engineer with more than 10 years of expertise on IT and ICT technologies and a consolidated background on Telecommunications and Linux operating systems.

As a Solution Architect with a Java development background, he spent some years as EMEA Specialist Solution Architect for OpenShift at Red Hat.

Today Natale is Developer Advocate for OpenShift at Red Hat, helping people within communities and customers having success with their Kubernetes and Cloud Native strategy.


Markus是一位Java Champion,曾是Java EE Expert Group的成員,JavaLand的創辦人,並在世界各地的Java會議上享有盛譽的演講者,在企業級Java領域中非常知名。