Efficient Linux at the Command Line: Boost Your Command-Line Skills (Paperback)

Barrett, Daniel




Want to increase your Linux productivity to get more done in less time? This practical book teaches you how to be quick and efficient at the Linux command line. You'll learn to create and run complex commands that solve real business problems, organize your files for quick access, efficiently process and retrieve information, and automate manual tasks. You'll truly understand what happens behind the shell prompt.

Efficient Linux at the Command Line teaches general best practices and the concepts behind them, so no matter which Linux tools you use, you can become more effective in your daily work and more competitive in the job market.

You'll learn:

  • How to invent powerful Linux commands on the fly that get your work done quickly
  • Which Linux features are handled by commands and which are built into the shell that launches those commands--and why it matters
  • A dozen different ways to run commands, including pipelines, subshells, command substitution, process substitution, and more--and when to use each for best advantage


想要提高你在 Linux 上的工作效率,以在更短的時間內完成更多工作嗎?這本實用的書籍教你如何在 Linux 命令行中快速高效。你將學習創建和運行解決實際業務問題的複雜命令,組織文件以便快速訪問,高效處理和檢索信息,以及自動化手動任務。你將真正了解發生在 shell 提示符後面的事情。

《高效 Linux 命令行》教授一般的最佳實踐和背後的概念,因此無論你使用哪些 Linux 工具,你都可以在日常工作中更加有效,並在就業市場上更具競爭力。


- 如何即時創建強大的 Linux 命令,以快速完成工作
- 哪些 Linux 功能由命令處理,哪些內建於啟動這些命令的 shell 中,以及為什麼這很重要
- 十幾種不同的運行命令的方式,包括管道、子殼、命令替換、進程替換等,以及在何時使用每種方式以獲得最佳效益


Daniel J. Barrett is currently Senior Manager, Engineering Education at Google. He has been teaching Linux and related technologies in industry and academia for over 30 years. He's the author of O'Reilly's Linux Pocket Guide and coauthor of Linux Security Cookbook and SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide. Dan has also been a software engineer, heavy metal singer, system administrator, university lecturer, web designer, and humorist.


Daniel J. Barrett目前在Google擔任高級經理,負責工程教育。他在工業界和學術界教授Linux和相關技術已經超過30年。他是O'Reilly的《Linux Pocket Guide》的作者,也是《Linux Security Cookbook》和《SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide》的合著者。Dan還曾擔任軟體工程師、重金屬歌手、系統管理員、大學講師、網頁設計師和幽默作家。