Understanding Jitter and Phase Noise: A Circuits and Systems Perspective (Hardcover)

Nicola Da Dalt, Ali Sheikholeslami



Gain an intuitive understanding of jitter and phase noise with this authoritative guide. Leading researchers provide expert insights on a wide range of topics, from general theory and the effects of jitter on circuits and systems, to key statistical properties and numerical techniques. Using the tools provided in this book, you will learn how and when jitter and phase noise occur, their relationship with one another, how they can degrade circuit performance, and how to mitigate their effects - all in the context of the most recent research in the field. Examine the impact of jitter in key application areas, including digital circuits and systems, data converters, wirelines, and wireless systems, and learn how to simulate it using the accompanying Matlab code. Supported by additional examples and exercises online, this is a one-stop guide for graduate students and practicing engineers interested in improving the performance of modern electronic circuits and systems.


這本權威指南將幫助您直觀地理解抖動和相位雜訊。領先的研究人員提供了專家見解,涵蓋了從一般理論和抖動對電路和系統的影響,到關鍵的統計特性和數值技術等各種主題。使用本書提供的工具,您將學習抖動和相位雜訊的產生原因和時間點,它們之間的關係,以及它們如何降低電路性能以及如何減輕其影響 - 並且這些內容都是基於最新的研究成果。本書還探討了抖動在數字電路和系統、數據轉換器、線路和無線系統等關鍵應用領域中的影響,並介紹了如何使用附帶的Matlab代碼進行模擬。此外,本書還提供了線上的額外示例和練習,是研究生和實踐工程師在提升現代電子電路和系統性能方面的一站式指南。