Business Model Shifts: Six Ways to Create New Value for Customers

Van Der Pijl, Patrick, Lokitz, Justin, Wijnen, Roland


Shift your business model and transform your organization in the face of disruption

Business Model Shifts is co-authored by Patrick van Der Pijl, producer of the global bestseller Business Model Generation, and offers a groundbreaking look at the challenging times in which we live, and the real-world solutions needed to conquer the obstacles organizations must now face.

Business Model Shifts is a visually stunning guide that examines six fundamental disruptions happening now and spotlights the opportunities that they present:

  • The Services Shift: the move from products to services
  • The Stakeholder Shift: the move from an exclusive shareholder orientation to creating value for all stakeholders, including employees and society
  • The Digital Shift: the move from traditional business operations to 24/7 connection to customers and their needs
  • The Platform Shift: the move from trying to serve everyone, to connecting people who can exchange value on a proprietary platform
  • The Exponential Shift: the move from seeking incremental growth to an exponential mindset that seeks 10x growth
  • The Circular Shift: the move from take-make-dispose towards restorative, regenerative, and circular value creation

Filled with case studies, stories, and in-depth analysis based on the work of hundreds of the world's largest and most intriguing organizations, Business Model Shifts details how these organizations created their own business model shifts in order to create more customer value, and ultimately, a stronger, more competitive business.

Whether you're looking for ways to redesign your business due to the latest needs of the marketplace, launching a new product or service, or simply creating more lasting value for your customers, Business Model Shifts is the essential book that will change the way you think about your business and its future.


PATRICK VAN DER PIJL, CEO of Business Models Inc., is an international keynote speaker and renowned business model strategist. He is a producer of the international bestseller Business Model Generation, and co-author of Design a Better Business.

JUSTIN LOKITZ, Business Designer and Managing Director of BMI's Americas office, is an experienced design strategist, business designer, and technologist and co-author of Design a Better Business.

ROLAND WIJNEN, Business Designer at Business Models Inc., leads the effort to turn business model research into compelling stories that shift mindsets.

MAARTEN VAN LIESHOUT, Creative Director of Business Models Inc., uses his visual and design skills to help companies dive into uncertainty, explore new strategic futures, and scale their ideas.