The IT as a Service (ITaaS) Framework: Transform to an End-to-End Services Organization and Operate IT like a Competitive Business (Networking Technology)

Justin Mann


The complete guide to planning, implementing, and operating IT as a Service (ITaaS)

Ongoing digitization, along with the risks of digital disruption, mean today’s Enterprise businesses are more reliant than ever on their IT Organizations to be successful; but business cannot wait on IT. Instead, Enterprise IT Organizations must transform to Fast IT to keep pace with the various lines of business, operate more agilely and efficiently than ever before, while simultaneously supporting rapid innovation of transformative capabilities.

The IT as a Service (ITaaS) Framework –based on the work pioneered by Cisco’s own global IT organization–is a proven model for transforming to an end-to-end Services Organization, and shifting the underlying culture of the IT organization as a foundation for Fast IT. Now, the developer of the ITaaS framework provides you with an in-depth guide ensuring that your Services Transformation achieves the intended value outcomes of establishing IT as a trusted advisor to the business, and operating IT like an agile, competitive, and cost-efficient business within a business.

Drawing on his pioneering experience, the author emphasizes implementation alongside theory, illuminating entertaining stories from his own consulting experience, and pulling back the curtain on Cisco IT’s own revolutionary tranformation alongside best practices, templates, and other artifacts to guide your Services Transformation.

The time for IT Transformation is now, and there has never been a better place to start.

  • Uncover and communicate the value that IT creates for the Enterprise business
  • Initiate and sustain a cultural shift across the IT Organization
  • Create a Service-based view of IT assets, resources, and budgets
  • Transform the customer experience by leveraging IT Services as a layer of abstraction
  • Design IT Services that support outcomes for the Lines of Business
  • Develop a Taxonomy that creates strategic levers for steering the IT organization
  • Measure IT Service Performance in terms familiar to business leaders
  • Link IT Service Performance to business outcomes
  • Demonstrate the total costs of IT Service Delivery in easy to understand models
  • Empower Service Owners to act as General Managers accountable for the value a Service delivers
  • Exchange information with and bolster Enterprise Architecture and
  • IT Technical Operations functions n Establish a foundation for Fast IT, the mandatory future for Enterprise
  • IT Organizations