Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis, 6/e (Hardcover)

Douglas C. Montgomery , Elizabeth A. Peck , G. Geoffrey Vining



A comprehensive and current introduction to the fundamentals of regression analysis

Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis, 6th Edition is the most comprehensive, fulsome, and current examination of the foundations of linear regression analysis. Fully updated in this new sixth edition, the distinguished authors have included new material on generalized regression techniques and new examples to help the reader understand retain the concepts taught in the book.

The new edition focuses on four key areas of improvement over the fifth edition:

  • New exercises and data sets
  • New material on generalized regression techniques
  • The inclusion of JMP software in key areas
  • Carefully condensing the text where possible

Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis skillfully blends theory and application in both the conventional and less common uses of regression analysis in today's cutting-edge scientific research. The text equips readers to understand the basic principles needed to apply regression model-building techniques in various fields of study, including engineering, management, and the health sciences.




- 新的練習題和數據集
- 對廣義迴歸技術的新材料
- 在關鍵領域中包含JMP軟體
- 在可能的情況下精簡文本



DOUGLAS C. MONTGOMERY, PhD, is Regents Professor of Industrial Engineering and Statistics at Arizona State University. Dr. Montgomery is the co-author of several Wiley books including Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis, 5th Edition.

ELIZABETH A. PECK, PhD, is Logistics Modeling Specialist at the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia.

G. GEOFFREY VINING, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Statistics at Virginia Polytechnic and State University. Dr. Peck is co-author of Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis, 5th Edition.


DOUGLAS C. MONTGOMERY博士是亞利桑那州立大學工業工程和統計學的榮譽教授。Montgomery博士是幾本Wiley出版的書籍的合著者,包括《線性回歸分析入門,第5版》。

ELIZABETH A. PECK博士是可口可樂公司位於喬治亞州亞特蘭大市的物流建模專家。

G. GEOFFREY VINING博士是維吉尼亞理工大學統計學系的教授。Vining博士是《線性回歸分析入門,第5版》的合著者之一。