Ocp Oracle Certified Professional Java Se 17 Developer Study Guide: Exam 1z0-829

Selikoff, Scott, Boyarsky, Jeanne

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An effective and practical study aid to the new OCP Java SE 17 Developer certification exam

In the OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 17 Developer Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-829, you'll find accessible and essential test prep material for the in-demand and practical OCP Java SE 17 Developer certification. Providing comprehensive coverage of all OCP Java SE 17 exam objectives and competencies, the Study Guide offers you access to all the skills and knowledge you'll need to succeed on the test and in the field as a new or experienced Java developer.

This book provides material on records, sealed classes, text blocks, dates, streams, controlling program flow, using the Java object-oriented approach, handling exceptions, working with arrays and collections, and more. You'll also get:

  • Intuitively organized information that aligns with the competencies tested on the exam and those required by real-world Java developers
  • Opportunities to practice and develop skills that remain in high demand in the IT industry
  • Access to the Sybex online learning center, with chapter review questions, full-length practice exams, hundreds of electronic flashcards, and a glossary of key terms

Perfect for anyone prepping for the brand-new OCP Java SE 17 credential, OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 17 Developer Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-829 is also a can't-miss reference for practicing and aspiring Java developers seeking to learn or reinforce their foundational skills in Java programming and improve their performance on the job.


《OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 17 Developer Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-829》是一本有效且實用的學習輔助書,適用於新版的OCP Java SE 17開發者認證考試。

在這本書中,您將找到易於理解且必要的考試準備材料,以應對熱門且實用的OCP Java SE 17開發者認證考試。該學習指南全面涵蓋了所有OCP Java SE 17考試目標和能力,為您提供了在考試和作為新手或有經驗的Java開發人員在工作中成功所需的所有技能和知識。


- 直觀組織的信息,與考試所測試的能力以及真實世界Java開發人員所需的能力相一致。
- 有機會練習和發展在IT行業中仍然需求量很高的技能。
- 可以訪問Sybex在線學習中心,其中包括章節復習問題、全長模擬考試、數百張電子閃卡和重要術語詞彙表。

這本書非常適合準備全新的OCP Java SE 17認證的任何人,同時也是一本不可錯過的參考書,供正在實踐和渴望學習或加強他們在Java編程方面的基礎技能並提高工作表現的Java開發人員使用。



Scott Selikoff has been a professional Java Enterprise architect for over 20 years. He currently works as a Staff Software Engineer at Google, specializing in Architecture and Cloud Services. He is a Leader of the Garden State Java User Group, helping to facilitate discussions and exchange of ideas within the community.

Jeanne Boyarsky is a Java Champion and has worked as a Java developer for a major bank for more than 20 years. She is a senior moderator at CodeRanch, and trains and mentors students of all levels, including the programming department of a FIRST robotics team.



Scott Selikoff 是一位擁有超過20年專業Java企業架構師經驗的專業人士。他目前在Google擔任高級軟體工程師,專注於架構和雲服務。他是Garden State Java User Group的領導者,協助促進社群內的討論和思想交流。

Jeanne Boyarsky 是一位Java Champion,並在一家大型銀行擔任Java開發人員超過20年。她是CodeRanch的高級版主,並培訓和指導各級學生,包括一個FIRST機器人技術團隊的程式部門。