Essential Statistics in Business and Economics, 3/e (Paperback)

David P. Doane , Lori E. Seward


Essential Statistics in Business and Economics 3rd Edition By David Doane and Lori Seward includes a full integration of Excel and motivates student learning with current, real-world exercises and cases.
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Ch 1 Overview of Statistics
Ch 2 Data Collection
Ch 3 Describing Data Visually
Ch 4 Descriptive Statistics
Ch 5 Probability
Ch 6 Discrete Probability Distributions
Ch 7 Continuous Probability Distributions
Ch 8 Sampling Distributions and Estimation
Ch 9 One-Sample Hypothesis Tests
Ch10 Two-Sample Hypothesis Tests
Ch11 Analysis of Variance
Ch12 Simple Regression
Ch13 Multiple Regression
Ch14 Chi-Square Tests
Appendix A Binomial Probabilities
Appendix B Poisson Probabilities
Appendix C-1 Standard Normal Areas
Appendix C-2 Cumulative Standard Normal Distribution
Appendix D Student's t Critical Values
Appendix E Chi-Square Critical Values
Appendix F Critical Values of F.10
Appendix G Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercises
Appendix H Answers to Exam Review Questions
Appendix I Writing and Presenting Reports
Appendix J Excel Statistical Functions