Discrete Mathematics, 8/e (GE-Paperback)

Richard Johnsonbaugh

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With nearly 4,500 exercises, Discrete Mathematics provides ample opportunities for students to practice, apply, and demonstrate conceptual understanding. Exercise sets features a large number of applications, especially applications to computer science. The almost 650 worked examples provide ready reference for students as they work. A strong emphasis on the interplay among the various topics serves to reinforce understanding. The text models various problem-solving techniques in detail, then provides opportunity to practice these techniques. The text also builds mathematical maturity by emphasizing how to read and write proofs. Many proofs are illustrated with annotated figures and/or motivated by special Discussion sections. The side margins of the text now include “tiny URLs” that direct students to relevant applications, extensions, and computer programs on the textbook website.


作者:Richard Johnsonbaugh
現職:DePaul University, Chicago


Ch 1 Sets and Logic
Ch 2 Proofs
Ch 3 Functions, Sequences, and Relations
Ch 4 Algorithms
Ch 5 Introduction to Number Theory
Ch 6 Counting Methods and The Pigeonhole Principle
Ch 7 Recurrence Relations
Ch 8 Graph Theory
Ch 9 Trees
Ch10 Network Models
Ch11 Boolean Algebras and Combinatorial Circuits
Ch12 Automata, Grammars, and Languages