Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 8/e (IE-Paperback)

Gene F. Franklin , J. David Powell




We fed that this Eighth Edition presents the material with good pedagogical support, provides strong motivation for the study of control, and represents a solid foundation for meeting the educational challenges, We introduce the study of feedback control, both as a specialty of itself and as support for many other fields.
     A more detailed list of the changes is:
. Deleted the disk drive and tape drive examples from Chapters 2, 7, and 10
. Added drone examples and/or problems in Chapters 2, 5, 6, 7, and 10
. Added a thermal system control example to Chapters 2 and 4
. Added a section on anti-windup for integral control in Chapter 9
. Added Cramer's Rule to chapter 2 and Appendix WB
. Updated Matlab commands throughout the book and in Appendix C
. Updated the section on PID tuning in chapter 4
. Updated the engine control and chemotaxis case studies in Chapter 10
. Over 60 of the problems in this edition are either new or revised from the 7th edition


A comprehensive and easy-to-understand introduction is devoted to supporting students equally in their need to grasp both traditional and more modern topics of digital control.
●AUpdated - New material has been added based on user feedback (e.g., on drone dynamics and control) and the text has been updated throughout to include the improved features of MATLAB®.
· An entire chapter devoted to case studies covers real problems in a variety of fields and draws on all the design methods covered in the book.
· Historical Perspectives provide interesting but concise historical background sections for the material in each chapter. 
。An emphasis on design, beginning in Chapter 4, builds confidence in solving design problems from the start.
Examples compare and contrast the design techniques afforded by the different design methods and complex real-world design problems are attacked using all the methods in a unified way.
Relationships used in design and throughout the book are collected inside the back cover for easy reference.
Updated - New examples, updates, and additions keep the material relevant and up-to-date.
New - Over 60 of the problems in this edition are either new or revised from the previous edition.
A collection of all the Matlab files (both “m” files and SIMULINK “slx” files), along with additional material, are available at




- 刪除了第2章、第7章和第10章的磁盤驅動器和磁帶驅動器示例。
- 在第2章、第5章、第6章、第7章和第10章中添加了無人機示例和/或問題。
- 在第2章和第4章中添加了一個熱系統控制示例。
- 在第9章中添加了關於積分控制的反飽和部分。
- 在第2章和附錄WB中添加了Cramer's Rule。
- 在整本書和附錄C中更新了Matlab命令。
- 在第4章中更新了PID調整的部分。
- 在第10章中更新了引擎控制和趨化性案例研究。
- 本版中的超過60個問題是新的或從第7版修訂的。



- 更新 - 根據用戶反饋(例如無人機動力學和控制)添加了新材料,並且整本書都更新了以包括MATLAB®的改進功能。
- 整章專門介紹案例研究,涵蓋各個領域的實際問題,並運用本書中介紹的所有設計方法。
- 歷史背景 - 每章的材料都提供了有趣但簡潔的歷史背景部分。
- 強調設計 - 從第4章開始,建立解決設計問題的信心。
- 例子比較和對比 - 使用不同的設計方法提供的設計技術,並以統一的方式解決複雜的現實世界設計問題。
- 設計中使用的關係 - 整本書中使用的關係收錄在封底,方便參考。
- 更新 - 新的例子、更新和補充使材料保持相關和最新。
- 新的 - 本版中的超過60個問題是新的或從上一版修訂的。
- 所有Matlab文件的集合(包括“m”文件和SIMULINK“slx”文件),以及其他材料,可在www.pearsonglobaleditions.com上獲得。


1 An Overview and Brief History of Feedback Control
2 Dynamic Models
3 Dynamic Response
4 A First Analysis of Feedback
5 The Root-Locus Design Method
6 The Frequency-Response Design Method
7 State-Space Design
8 Digital Control
9 Nonlinear Systems
10 Control System Design: Principles and Case Studies
Appendix A Laplace Transforms
Appendix B Solutions to the Review Questions

Appendix C MATLAB Commands


1. 回饋控制概述與簡史
2. 動態模型
3. 動態響應
4. 回饋的初步分析
5. 根軌跡設計方法
6. 頻率響應設計方法
7. 狀態空間設計
8. 數位控制
9. 非線性系統
10. 控制系統設計:原則與案例研究