XNA 3.0 Game Programming Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (Paperback)

Riemer Grootjans

  • 出版商: Apress
  • 出版日期: 2009-03-05
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  • 售價: 2.1$299
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 649
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 143021855X
  • ISBN-13: 9781430218555
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Join the game development revolution today! XNA 3.0 greatly simplifies the development of your own games, lowering the barrier for programmers to get into game development. In XNA, you can start coding your games from the very start, a true revelation compared to other game programming environments. XNA doesn’t sacrifice power for this ease of use—it is built entirely on DirectX technology.

Completely updated for XNA 3.0, expert Riemer Grootjans brings together a selection of the hottest recipes in XNA programming for the Xbox 360, PC, and Zune. Advanced XNA programmers, experienced coders new to game development, and even complete beginners will find XNA 3.0 Game Programming Recipes an invaluable companion whether building games for fun or as commercial products.

What you’ll learn

This title covers virtually every feature of the XNA 3.0 Framework. It focuses primarily on 2D and 3D graphics programming, but other game programming features such as audio playback, networking, and mobile gaming are also discussed in detail.

These are some of the topics that are being covered in depth:

  • How to create 2D graphics
  • 3D rendering techniques at various levels of difficulty
  • Creating games for the Zune mobile device
  • Loading, rendering, and animating 3D models
  • How to read input devices: keyboard, mouse, and Xbox 360 Controller
  • Using audio to spice up your game
  • Adding networking to your game to challenge your friends
  • Architectural XNA features, such as GameComponents
  • The content pipeline: one of the three major components in XNA game development
  • A whole list of HLSL techniques!

Who is this book for?

This book is for everyone! Whatever your experience, you will find a recipe to suit your need and skill. Great care has been taken to ensure the easier recipes provide a great deal of detail so they can be followed by readers without much programming experience. Each chapter gradually builds in difficulty so you will be able to progress through it as your XNA coding improves and you move on to more sophisticated techniques.

About the Apress Recipes Series

Apress Recipes series books are carefully selected compendiums of solutions and techniques to help you solve the difficulties that regularly beset developers when they are learning a new language or technology. The recipes are short, and each provides a step–by–step explanation and working code example that allows you to successfully solve your problems and progress with your project.


立即加入遊戲開發革命!XNA 3.0大大簡化了自己開發遊戲的過程,降低了程式設計師進入遊戲開發的門檻。在XNA中,您可以從一開始就開始編寫遊戲,相較於其他遊戲編程環境,這是一個真正的革命。XNA並不為了使用的便利而犧牲功能,它完全建立在DirectX技術之上。

在XNA 3.0中完全更新,專家Riemer Grootjans匯集了一系列最熱門的XNA編程食譜,適用於Xbox 360、PC和Zune。進階的XNA程序員、剛接觸遊戲開發的有經驗的編程人員,甚至完全的新手都會發現《XNA 3.0遊戲編程食譜》是一個寶貴的伴侶,無論是為了娛樂還是商業產品而建立遊戲。

本書涵蓋了XNA 3.0 Framework的幾乎所有功能。它主要關注2D和3D圖形編程,但也詳細討論了其他遊戲編程功能,如音頻播放、網絡和移動遊戲。

- 如何創建2D圖形
- 不同難度的3D渲染技術
- 為Zune移動設備創建遊戲
- 加載、渲染和動畫化3D模型
- 如何讀取輸入設備:鍵盤、滑鼠和Xbox 360控制器
- 使用音頻增添遊戲樂趣
- 將網絡功能添加到遊戲中,與朋友一起挑戰
- XNA的架構特性,如GameComponents
- 內容管道:XNA遊戲開發的三個主要組件之一
- 一系列HLSL技術!