Pro Silverlight for the Enterprise (Paperback)

Ashish Ghoda

  • 出版商: Apress
  • 出版日期: 2009-04-13
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 312
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1430218673
  • ISBN-13: 9781430218678
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Microsoft Silverlight 2 is a new development platform designed to make the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) far easier than has previously been possible. Pro Silverlight for the Enterprise addresses the question of how you can bring Silverlight 2 to your company to provide rich Internet experiences that will interface cleanly with your existing application architecture.

The book begins with a clear discussion of why Silverlight is such a good choice for developing RIAs and the implications that this has for your development decisions. The options available will be demonstrated by constructing a simple web–based training portal for a fictional enterprise, which will be extended and altered to demonstrate the techniques and methods that you have available to you. This includes accessing data using WCF and LINQ, and considering how best to deploy your finished Silverlight application when it is complete. The book also discusses the future of Silverlight for Mobile and how to plan for its release.

This book is unique in that it focuses on how Silverlight can be applied in today’s business environment rather than simply delving into the product’s syntax and grammar in isolation. Silverlight is discussed in context with consideration given to security, scalability, and deployment. As such this book makes an excellent addition to any Silverlight library and extends your knowledge into practical areas that are rarely discussed.

What you’ll learn

  • Advanced design concepts to develop loosely coupled web–based applications using Silverlight 2
  • The role of Silverlight library assembly
  • How to use dynamic Silverlight user controls to build your user interface at runtime
  • How to externalize your data source definitions
  • LINQ integration
  • WCF/Web services integration
  • Secured same–domain/cross–domain deployment
  • The ABCs of developing mobile applications using Silverlight, including coverage of the common pitfalls and traps you may encounter
  • Practical advice on how to adopt the Silverlight development platform in you’re your organization

Who is this book for?

This book is for enterprise architects, IT executives and IT professionals, the developer community, technical and project managers, and anyone who wants to start using Silverlight 2 in a corporate environment.

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Microsoft Silverlight 2 是一個新的開發平台,旨在使豐富互聯網應用程序(RIAs)的開發比以前更容易。《Pro Silverlight for the Enterprise》解答了如何將 Silverlight 2 引入您的公司,以提供與現有應用程序架構清晰接口的豐富互聯網體驗的問題。

本書首先清晰地討論了為什麼 Silverlight 是開發 RIAs 的絕佳選擇,以及這對您的開發決策有什麼影響。通過構建一個簡單的基於 Web 的虛擬企業培訓門戶網站,演示了可用的選項,並展示了您可用的技術和方法。這包括使用 WCF 和 LINQ 訪問數據,以及在完成後考慮如何最佳部署您的 Silverlight 應用程序。本書還討論了 Silverlight 在移動設備上的未來以及如何為其發布做計劃。

本書的獨特之處在於它關注的是如何在當今的商業環境中應用 Silverlight,而不僅僅是孤立地深入研究產品的語法和語法。Silverlight 在上下文中討論,並考慮到安全性、可擴展性和部署。因此,本書是任何 Silverlight 文庫的絕佳補充,並擴展了您在很少討論的實際領域的知識。

- 使用 Silverlight 2 開發鬆散耦合的基於 Web 的高級設計概念
- Silverlight 庫組件的角色
- 如何使用動態 Silverlight 用戶控件在運行時構建用戶界面
- 如何外部化數據源定義
- LINQ 整合
- WCF/Web 服務整合
- 安全的同域/跨域部署
- 使用 Silverlight 開發移動應用程序的基礎知識,包括常見問題和陷阱的涵蓋範圍
- 如何在組織中採用 Silverlight 開發平台的實用建議

這本書適合企業架構師、IT 主管和 IT 專業人士、開發人員社區、技術和項目經理,以及任何希望在企業環境中開始使用 Silverlight 2 的人。

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