Enterprise Mac Administrator's Guide (Paperback)

Charles Edge Jr, Zack Smith, Roderick Smith, Beau Hunter



Charles Edge, Zack Smith, and Beau Hunter provide detailed explanations of the technology required for large-scale Mac OS X deployments and show you how to integrate it with other operating systems and applications.

Enterprise Mac Administrator's Guide addresses the growing size and spread of Mac OS X deployments in corporations and institutions worldwide. In some cases, this is due to the growth of traditional Mac environments, but for the most part it has to do with "switcher" campaigns, where Windows and/or Linux environments are migrating to Mac OS X. However, there is a steep culture shock with these types of migrations. The products that are used are different, the nomenclature is different, and most importantly the best practices for dealing with the operating system are different.

Apple provides a number of tools to help automate and guide IT toward managing a large number of Mac OS X computers–it has since before Mac OS X was initially released. However, if you want to put together all of the pieces to tell a compelling story about how to run an IT department or a deployment of Macs, you need to compile information from a number of different sources. This book will provide explanations of the technology required.

  • Provides complete solutions for the large- and medium-scale integration of directory services, imaging, and security
  • Complete guide for integrating Macs and Mac OS X into mixed environments with confidence and no down time
  • One-stop volume for IT professionals who need the technical details to get their job done as efficiently and effectively as possible


What you'll learn


  • Choose a directory services model that works for your organization and integrate it into your existing model
  • Choose an imaging model and begin imaging workstations with or without third-party products
  • Leverage scripting techniques to reduce labor for the IT department
  • Provide network services (file sharing, mobile home folders, messaging, etc.) to the Mac OS X clients
  • Mass-deploy the iPhone


Who is this book for?


System administrators and IT professionals who need to manage a large number of Mac OS X computers, be they Mac OS X–based servers or workstations. The assumption is that readers are somewhat familiar with Mac OS X and/or IT in general, but not that they are familiar with the Apple system internals, server services, or deployment techniques.


Charles Edge、Zack Smith和Beau Hunter詳細解釋了大規模Mac OS X部署所需的技術,並展示了如何將其與其他操作系統和應用程序集成。

《企業Mac管理員指南》探討了全球企業和機構中Mac OS X部署的規模和擴展。在某些情況下,這是由於傳統Mac環境的增長,但在大多數情況下,這與“切換者”活動有關,即Windows和/或Linux環境正在遷移到Mac OS X。然而,這些類型的遷移存在著巨大的文化衝擊。使用的產品不同,術語不同,最重要的是處理操作系統的最佳實踐也不同。

蘋果提供了許多工具來幫助自動化和指導IT部門管理大量的Mac OS X計算機-這在Mac OS X最初發布之前就已經存在。然而,如果您想整合所有組件,以便講述如何運行IT部門或Mac部署的引人入勝的故事,您需要從多個不同的來源編譯信息。本書將提供所需技術的解釋。

- 提供了完整的解決方案,用於大規模和中規模的目錄服務、映像和安全集成
- 將Mac和Mac OS X自信且無停機地集成到混合環境中的完整指南
- IT專業人員所需的一站式技術詳細信息,以便盡可能高效和有效地完成工作


- 選擇適合組織的目錄服務模型,並將其集成到現有模型中
- 選擇映像模型,並開始使用或不使用第三方產品對工作站進行映像
- 利用腳本技術減少IT部門的工作量
- 為Mac OS X客戶端提供網絡服務(文件共享、移動家庭文件夾、消息等)
- 大規模部署iPhone


需要管理大量Mac OS X計算機的系統管理員和IT專業人員,無論是基於Mac OS X的服務器還是工作站。假設讀者對Mac OS X和/或IT有一定的了解,但不一定熟悉蘋果系統內部、服務器服務或部署技術。