Entity Framework 6 Recipes, 2/e (Paperback)

Zeeshan Hirani, Larry Tenny, Nitin Gupta, Brian Driscoll, Robert Vettor

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  • 出版日期: 2013-11-01
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 548
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1430257881
  • ISBN-13: 9781430257882
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Entity Framework 6 Recipes provides an exhaustive collection of ready-to-use code solutions for Entity Framework, Microsoft's model-centric, data-access platform for the .NET Framework and ASP.NET development. With this book, you will learn the core concepts of Entity Framework through a broad range of clear and concise solutions to everyday data access tasks. Armed with this experience, you will be ready to dive deep into Entity Framework, experiment with new approaches, and develop ways to solve even the most difficult data access challenges. If you are a developer who likes to learn by example, then this is the right book for you.

  • Gives ready-to-use, real-world recipes to help you with everyday tasks
  • Places strong focus on DbContext and the Code First approach
  • Covers new features such as Asynch Query and Save, Codebased Configuration, Connection Resiliency, Dependency Resolution, and much more

What you’ll learn

  • Implement basic data access design patterns using Entity Framework.
  • Seamlessly model your solutions across both code and data.
  • Provide data access to Windows 8 and Metro applications.
  • Integrate with WCF Data Services
  • Improve data access performance.
  • Simplify and reduce your code through data binding.

Who this book is for

Entity Framework 6 Recipes is for anyone learning Microsoft’s Entity Framework—Microsoft’s primary data access platform in the .NET Framework. If you have ever struggled to learn a new technology, programming model, or way of doing something, you know how helpful simple and real-world examples can be. For the beginning developer, this book provides concrete examples for common data access tasks. For developers having experience with previous Microsoft data access platforms, this book provides a task-by-task mapping between previous approaches and the patterns used in Entity Framework.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Entity Framework
  2. Entity Data Modeling Fundamentals
  3. Querying an Entity Data Model
  4. Using Entity Framework in ASP.NET
  5. Loading Entities and Navigation Properties
  6. Beyond the Basics with Modeling and Inheritance
  7. Working with Object Services
  8. Plain Old CLR Objects
  9. Using the Entity Framework in N-Tier Applications
  10. Stored Procedures
  11. Functions
  12. Customizing Entity Framework Objects
  13. Improving Performance
  14. Concurrency


《Entity Framework 6 Recipes》提供了一系列豐富的現成程式碼解決方案,用於Entity Framework,這是微軟的模型中心化數據訪問平台,用於.NET Framework和ASP.NET開發。通過這本書,您將通過各種清晰簡潔的解決方案來學習Entity Framework的核心概念,以應對日常數據訪問任務。憑藉這些經驗,您將準備好深入研究Entity Framework,嘗試新方法,並開發解決最困難的數據訪問挑戰的方法。如果您是一位喜歡通過示例學習的開發人員,那麼這本書就是適合您的選擇。

本書提供現成的、真實世界的解決方案,以幫助您應對日常任務,並對DbContext和Code First方法進行重點介紹。還涵蓋了新功能,如異步查詢和保存、基於代碼的配置、連接恢復能力、依賴解析等等。

- 使用Entity Framework實現基本的數據訪問設計模式。
- 在代碼和數據之間無縫建模解決方案。
- 為Windows 8和Metro應用程序提供數據訪問。
- 與WCF數據服務集成。
- 提高數據訪問性能。
- 通過數據綁定簡化和減少代碼。

《Entity Framework 6 Recipes》適合任何正在學習微軟的Entity Framework的人,這是.NET Framework中的主要數據訪問平台。如果您曾經努力學習新技術、編程模型或做事方式,您就知道簡單和真實世界的示例有多麼有幫助。對於初學者,本書提供了常見數據訪問任務的具體示例。對於有經驗的開發人員,本書提供了以任務為基礎的映射,將以前的方法與Entity Framework中使用的模式對應起來。

1. 開始使用Entity Framework
2. Entity數據建模基礎
3. 查詢Entity數據模型
4. 在ASP.NET中使用Entity Framework
5. 裝載實體和導航屬性
6. 進階建模和繼承
7. 使用對象服務
8. 純粹的CLR對象
9. 在N-Tier應用程序中使用Entity Framework
10. 存儲過程
11. 函數
12. 自定義Entity Framework對象
13. 改善性能
14. 並發控制