Beginning Xcode: Swift Edition, 2/e (Paperback)

Matthew Knott

  • 出版商: Apress
  • 出版日期: 2014-12-22
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  • 貴賓價: 9.5$1,387
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 560
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1484205391
  • ISBN-13: 9781484205396
  • 相關分類: Apple Developer
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Beginning Xcode, Swift Edition will not only get you up and running with Apple's latest version of Xcode, but it also shows you how to use Swift in Xcode and includes a variety of projects to build.

If you already have some programming experience with iOS SDK and Objective-C, but want a more in-depth tutorial on Xcode, especially Xcode with Apple’s new programming language, Swift, then Beginning Xcode, Swift Edition is for you. The book focuses on the new technologies, tools and features that Apple has bundled into the new Xcode 6, to complement the latest iOS 8 SDK.

By the end of this book, you'll have all of the skills and a variety of examples to draft from to get your Swift app from idea to App Store with all the power of Xcode.

What you’ll learn

  • How to use Swift and new Swift-related features in Xcode
  • How to get started with Xcode, using Workspaces, Interface Builder, storyboarding, tables/collection views and more
  • How to dive deeper into Xcode using advanced searches, filtering, advanced editing, debugging, and source control
  • How to take advantage of Xcode's vast libraries, frameworks and bundles
  • How to create exciting interactive apps for iPhone or iPad using Sprite Kit, Map Kit, and other Apple technologies
  • How to share your app using organizer, localization, auto layout, and more

Who this book is for

This book is for those with some Objective-C/Cocoa and/or iOS SDK app development experience, but want to be more efficient in writing and testing their code, and people who want to know in-depth examples of Swift in Xcode.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Getting Acquainted
1. Welcome
2. Diving Right In
3. Project Templates and Getting Around
4. Building Interfaces
5. Getting Help and Code Completion
6. Constraints

Part 2: Diving Deeper
7. Storyboards
8. Table and Collection Views
9. Frameworks, Libraries and Targets
10. Advanced Editing
11. Debugging and Analysis

Part 3: Final Preparations and Releasing
12. Version Control with Git
13. Localization
14. The Organizer
15. Building, Sharing, and Distributing


《Beginning Xcode, Swift Edition》不僅能讓您快速上手使用蘋果最新版本的Xcode,還能教您如何在Xcode中使用Swift,並提供各種建構專案的範例。

如果您已經具備一些iOS SDK和Objective-C的程式開發經驗,但希望深入學習Xcode,特別是與蘋果的新程式語言Swift相結合,那麼《Beginning Xcode, Swift Edition》就是為您而設的。本書專注於蘋果在新版Xcode 6中所提供的新技術、工具和功能,以配合最新的iOS 8 SDK。

通過閱讀本書,您將學會所有必要的技能,並擁有各種範例,從而將您的Swift應用從構想到App Store,充分發揮Xcode的威力。

- 如何在Xcode中使用Swift和相關功能
- 如何開始使用Xcode,包括使用工作區、介面建構器、故事板、表格/集合視圖等
- 如何深入研究Xcode,包括高級搜索、篩選、高級編輯、調試和源代碼控制
- 如何充分利用Xcode的庫、框架和捆綁包
- 如何使用Sprite Kit、Map Kit和其他蘋果技術創建令人興奮的互動應用程式
- 如何使用組織器、本地化、自動佈局等分享您的應用程式

本書適合具有一些Objective-C/Cocoa和/或iOS SDK應用程式開發經驗的讀者,並希望在編寫和測試程式碼方面更加高效,以及想深入了解Swift在Xcode中的實例的讀者。

1. 歡迎
2. 直接開始
3. 專案範本和導覽
4. 建構介面
5. 獲取幫助和程式碼自動完成
6. 約束

7. 故事板
8. 表格和集合視圖
9. 框架、庫和目標
10. 高級編輯
11. 調試和分析

1. ...(未完待續)