DevOps for SharePoint: With Packer, Terraform, Ansible, and Vagrant

Oscar Medina

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  • 出版日期: 2018-10-30
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  • ISBN-13: 9781484236871
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Deploy a SharePoint farm in a repeatable, predictable, and reliable fashion using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) techniques to automate provisioning. Savvy IT pros will learn how to use DevOps practices and open source tools to greatly reduce costs, and streamline management operations for SharePoint farms deployed via Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, or on premise.

DevOps for SharePoint will help you navigate the complex challenges of deploying and managing SharePoint Server farms. You will learn how to reduce time-consuming tasks and errors when generating development, testing, or production environments. And you will benefit from learning proven methods to apply Microsoft updates with minimal downtime and productivity loss. Whether you are a SharePoint architect, IT pro, or developer helping customers with the SharePoint platform, this book will teach you the most useful DevOps practices to tackle those issues and broaden your skill set.

What You’ll Learn


  • Understand the basics of the most popular open source tools―Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, and Ansible―and how to use them in the context of deploying and scaling a SharePoint farm
  • Use Vagrant to build SharePoint development environments in less than an hour, and add automated testing
  • Use Packer to create a “golden image” with preconfigured settings, and then use it as the base image in your Terraform configuration for both AWS and Azure farms
  • Use Terraform to scale your SharePoint farm topology
  • Use Red Hat’s Ansible Playbooks to perform configuration management on your farm
  • Use Terraform to deploy immutable infrastructure environments using IaC (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Use InSpec 2.0 to stay in compliance by testing your cloud infrastructure
  • Use Ansible to apply Microsoft updates and patches



Who This Book Is For

IT pros and developers who are looking to expand their knowledge and take a modern approach by using open source technologies to work with Microsoft products. Experience installing SharePoint, and a basic understanding of either Azure or AWS, is helpful.



以「基礎架構即代碼」(IaC)技術自動化部署,以可重複、可預測和可靠的方式部署 SharePoint 農場。精明的 IT 專業人員將學習如何使用 DevOps 實踐和開源工具大幅降低成本,並簡化透過 Amazon Web Services(AWS)、Azure 或本地部署的 SharePoint 農場的管理操作。

《DevOps for SharePoint》將幫助您應對部署和管理 SharePoint Server 農場的複雜挑戰。您將學習如何在生成開發、測試或生產環境時減少耗時的任務和錯誤。您還將受益於學習應用 Microsoft 更新的成熟方法,以最小的停機時間和生產力損失。無論您是 SharePoint 架構師、IT 專業人員還是開發人員,協助客戶使用 SharePoint 平台,本書將教您最有用的 DevOps 實踐,以應對這些問題並擴展您的技能。


- 了解最受歡迎的開源工具(Vagrant、Packer、Terraform 和 Ansible)的基礎知識,以及如何在部署和擴展 SharePoint 農場的情境中使用它們
- 使用 Vagrant 在不到一小時內建立 SharePoint 開發環境,並添加自動化測試
- 使用 Packer 創建具有預配置設置的「黃金映像」,然後在 AWS 和 Azure 農場的 Terraform 配置中使用它作為基礎映像
- 使用 Terraform 擴展 SharePoint 農場拓撲
- 使用 Red Hat 的 Ansible Playbooks 在農場上執行配置管理
- 使用 Terraform 使用 IaC 部署不可變基礎架構環境
- 使用 InSpec 2.0 通過測試您的雲基礎架構來保持合規性
- 使用 Ansible 應用 Microsoft 更新和補丁


- IT 專業人員和開發人員,希望通過使用開源技術與 Microsoft 產品一起工作,擴展他們的知識並採用現代方法。具備安裝 SharePoint 的經驗,以及對 Azure 或 AWS 的基本了解,將有所幫助。