Beginning Unreal Game Development: Foundation for Simple to Complex Games Using Unreal Engine 4

Nixon, David

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  • 出版日期: 2020-02-15
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  • ISBN-13: 9781484256381
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Get started creating video games using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and learning the fundamentals of game development. Through hands-on, step-by-step tutorials, you will learn to design engaging environments and a build solid foundation for more complex games. Discover how to utilize the 3D game design software behind the development of immensely popular games for PC, console, and mobile.

Beginning Unreal Game Development steers you through the fundamentals of game development with UE4 to design environments that both engage the player and are aesthetically pleasing. Author David Nixon shows you how to script logic, define behaviors, store data, and create characters. You will learn to create user interfaces, such as menus, load screens, and head-up displays (HUDs), and manipulate audio to add music, sound effects, and dialogue to your game. The book covers level editors, actor types, blueprints, character creation and control, and much more. Throughout the book, you'll put theory into practice and create an actual game using a series of step-by-step tutorials.

With a clear, step-by-step approach, Beginning Unreal Game Development builds up your knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 so you can start creating and deploying your own 3D video games in no time.


What You Will Learn


  • Learn the fundamentals of game design
  • Understand how to use Unreal Engine 4
  • Design amazing levels for your characters to play in
  • Script logic to control the behavior of the world you create




Who This Book Is For


This book is for beginners with no prior game design or programming experience. It is also intended for video game enthusiasts who are brand-new to the world of game development and want to learn how to design a game from scratch using UE4.



開始使用Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) 創建視頻遊戲並學習遊戲開發的基礎知識。通過實踐性的逐步教程,您將學習設計引人入勝的環境並為更複雜的遊戲打下堅實基礎。探索如何利用這款3D遊戲設計軟件,該軟件背後開發了非常受歡迎的PC、主機和移動遊戲。

《Beginning Unreal Game Development》將引導您通過UE4的遊戲開發基礎,設計既能吸引玩家又具有美感的環境。作者David Nixon將向您展示如何編寫腳本邏輯、定義行為、存儲數據並創建角色。您將學習創建用戶界面,例如菜單、加載屏幕和頭部顯示器(HUD),並操縱音頻以添加音樂、音效和對話到您的遊戲中。本書涵蓋了關卡編輯器、角色類型、藍圖、角色創建和控制等內容。在整本書中,您將把理論付諸實踐,通過一系列逐步教程創建一個實際的遊戲。

《Beginning Unreal Game Development》以清晰的逐步方法,逐步建立您對Unreal Engine 4的知識,讓您能夠立即開始創建和部署自己的3D視頻遊戲。


- 學習遊戲設計的基礎知識
- 理解如何使用Unreal Engine 4
- 為您的角色設計令人驚嘆的關卡
- 編寫腳本邏輯以控制您創建的世界的行為




David Nixon is a professional software developer with a degree in computer science from Florida Atlantic University. He is a lifelong video game aficionado who started with the Atari 2600 and never looked back. He enjoys music, reading, and sports in his spare time.


David Nixon 是一位專業的軟體開發人員,擁有佛羅里達大西洋大學的計算機科學學位。他是一位終身的電子遊戲愛好者,從 Atari 2600 開始,一直沉迷其中。他在閒暇時間喜歡音樂、閱讀和運動。