Introducing Bootstrap 4: Create Powerful Web Applications Using Bootstrap 4.5

Krause, Jörg

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  • 出版日期: 2020-09-23
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Get introduced to front-end CSS frameworks using the latest version of Bootstrap. Through easy-to-follow instructions and examples, this book will prepare you to create powerful web applications using Bootstrap 4.5.

This updated second edition of Introducing Bootstrap 4 builds your understanding of the basic rules of CSS, the SASS pre-compiler, Bootstrap, and how they work together. After learning to set up CSS on both Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows, you will discover how you can make use of templates and themes written for Bootstrap, and how to refine the user interface. You will also find out how you can utilize and activate components. Numerous screenshots and code snippets are provided to help explain and reinforce the concepts discussed in the book.

CSS frameworks give front-end developers the capability to create responsible and adaptive web designs that are able to accommodate the various variations of modern browsers. Start front-end development using Bootstrap 4.5 with this book



What You Will Learn


  • Explore the Bootstrap features required to create web applications
  • Understand the basics of responsive web design using CSS 3
  • Install the SASS framework and understand how to use it
  • Master practical aspects of using Bootstrap in real-life scenarios





Who This Book Is ForThis book is intended for beginner-level web designers and developers interested in front-end development.


這本書將介紹最新版本的Bootstrap,讓你了解前端CSS框架的使用方法。通過易於理解的指導和實例,本書將使你能夠使用Bootstrap 4.5創建強大的網絡應用程序。

這本更新的第二版《介紹Bootstrap 4》將幫助你理解CSS的基本規則、SASS預編譯器、Bootstrap以及它們如何協同工作。在學習如何在Linux(Ubuntu)和Windows上設置CSS之後,你將發現如何使用為Bootstrap編寫的模板和主題,以及如何優化用戶界面。你還將了解如何使用和激活組件。書中提供了大量的屏幕截圖和代碼片段,以幫助解釋和鞏固書中討論的概念。

CSS框架使前端開發人員能夠創建能夠適應現代瀏覽器的各種變化的響應式網絡設計。通過這本書,你可以開始使用Bootstrap 4.5進行前端開發。


- 探索創建網絡應用程序所需的Bootstrap功能
- 了解使用CSS 3進行響應式網絡設計的基礎知識
- 安裝SASS框架並了解如何使用它
- 掌握在實際場景中使用Bootstrap的實用技巧




Jörg Krause has been working with software and software technology since the early 1980s, beginning with a Sinclair and taking his first steps as a programmer in BASIC and assembly language. He studied Information Technology at Humboldt University, Berlin, but left early, in the 1990s, to start his own company. He has worked with Internet technology and software development since the early days when CompuServe and FidoNet dominated. In 1998, he worked on one of the first commercial e-commerce solutions, and wrote his first book in Germany. Due to its wide success, he started working as a freelance consultant and author in order to share his experience and knowledge with others. He has written several books with Apress, Hanser, Addison Wesley, and other major publishers along with several self-published books--a total of over sixty titles. He also publishes articles in magazines and speaks at major conferences in Germany. Currently, Jörg works as an independent consultant, software developer, and author in Berlin, Germany. The main focus is Web development (nowadays called full-stack), cloud native architectures, and Web security. In his occasional spare time, Jörg enjoys reading thrillers and science fiction novels, and going on a round of golf.


Jörg Krause自1980年代初開始從事軟體和軟體技術工作,最初使用Sinclair開始他的程式設計師生涯,使用BASIC和組合語言進行編程。他在柏林洪堡大學學習資訊技術,但在1990年代初期就提前離開,開始創辦自己的公司。他從互聯網技術和軟體開發的早期時代開始工作,當時CompuServe和FidoNet佔據主導地位。在1998年,他參與了其中一個最早的商業電子商務解決方案的開發,並在德國出版了他的第一本書。由於廣受歡迎,他開始擔任自由顧問和作家,與其他主要出版商如Apress、Hanser、Addison Wesley等合作出版了多本書籍,並自行出版了多本書籍,總計超過六十本。他還在雜誌上發表文章,並在德國的重要會議上演講。目前,Jörg在德國柏林擔任獨立顧問、軟體開發人員和作家。他的主要專注領域是網頁開發(現在稱為全棧開發)、雲原生架構和網頁安全。在偶爾的空閒時間,Jörg喜歡閱讀驚悚小說和科幻小說,並打一場高爾夫球。