Head First Swift (Paperback)

Buttfield-Addison, Paris, Manning, Jon



What will you learn from this book?

Apple's new modern programming language, Swift, is slowly becoming the go to language for iOS and OS X development. The language will attract existing developers because of its modern features and prototyping tools, and it will attract new developers because of its less-steep learning curve. That said, Swift is deep, and contains many advanced concepts, constructs, and patterns. Developers need a way to learn these new features and understand them in context. Head First is an effective vehicle for this level of teaching, and Head First Swift is no exception.

Why does this book look so different?

Based on the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory, Head First Swift uses a visually rich format to engage your mind, rather than a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep. Why waste your time struggling with new concepts? This multi-sensory learning experience is designed for the way your brain really works.



蘋果的新型程式語言 Swift 正逐漸成為 iOS 和 OS X 開發的首選語言。這個語言因其現代化的特性和原型工具吸引了現有的開發者,同時也因其較低的學習曲線吸引了新的開發者。然而,Swift 是一個深奧的語言,包含許多高級概念、結構和模式。開發者需要一種學習這些新特性並理解其上下文的方式。《Head First Swift》是一種有效的教學工具,這本書也不例外。


根據認知科學和學習理論的最新研究,《Head First Swift》採用豐富的視覺形式來吸引你的注意力,而不是使用文字繁重的方法讓你昏昏欲睡。為什麼要浪費時間苦苦掙扎於新概念呢?這種多感官的學習體驗是根據你的大腦真正運作的方式設計的。


Anthony Gray (but you can call him Tony) has a long history working in tertiary education, where he's provided technical and systems support for academic and research staff, and some very smart students. He loves to teach, with his favorite subjects being Operating Systems, Computer Graphics and Animation with OpenGL, and most recently Mobile Development for iOS. In his spare time, he writes software to scratch his own itch, some of which is available at squidman.net. Secretly he pines for the days when you could hand-code assembler for your 6502, and occasionally writes emulators so he can do just that.

Jon Manning is a world renown iOS development trainer and writer, game designer and mobile software engineering wizard.

He has co-authored two books on mobile development and enjoys re-implementing such things as OpenGL and the Objective-C runtime (in his spare time).

Jon is also a researcher in Human-Computer Interaction working towards a PhD.

Paris Buttfield-Addison is a mobile app engineer, game designer, and researcher with a passion for making technology simpler and as engaging as possible. Paris recently submitted a PhD investigating how people use tablets for information management.


Anthony Gray(但你可以叫他Tony)在高等教育領域有著悠久的工作經歷,他為學術和研究人員以及一些非常聰明的學生提供技術和系統支援。他喜歡教學,他最喜歡的科目是操作系統、使用OpenGL的電腦圖形和動畫,以及最近的iOS移動開發。在閒暇時間,他寫軟體來滿足自己的需求,其中一些軟體可以在squidman.net上找到。他暗自懷念那些可以手動編寫6502組合語言的日子,偶爾會寫模擬器來實現這一點。

Jon Manning是一位世界知名的iOS開發培訓師、作家、遊戲設計師和移動軟體工程巫師。他合著了兩本關於移動開發的書籍,並在閒暇時間重新實現OpenGL和Objective-C運行時等技術。Jon還是一位人機交互研究人員,正在攻讀博士學位。

Paris Buttfield-Addison是一位移動應用程式工程師、遊戲設計師和研究人員,熱衷於使技術變得更簡單且更具吸引力。Paris最近提交了一篇關於人們如何使用平板電腦進行信息管理的博士論文。