Learning FPGAs: Digital Design for Beginners with Mojo and Lucid HDL

Justin Rajewski

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  • 出版日期: 2017-09-19
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Learn how to design digital circuits with FPGAs, the devices that reconfigure themselves to become the very hardware circuits you program. In this concise ebook, author Justin Rajewski teaches you hands-on how to create your first FPGA project.

While FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi are often compared, FPGAs are ideal for projects that can be broken down into parallel stages, need to operate at high speeds with low latency, or need custom logic not otherwise available. If you understand the basics of electricity as well as binary, hexadecimal, and decimal number systems, you’re ready to start your journey toward digital hardware mastery.

  • Learn how hardware designs are broken into modules, comparable to functions in a software program
  • Set up your environment by installing Xilinx ISE and the Mojo IDE
  • Build a high level understanding of digital designs that can be implemented on an FPGA
  • Build your project with Lucid, a hardware description language with syntax similar to C/C++, Verilog, and Java
  • Use the Mojo IDE to design, build, and load your FPGA designs


學習如何使用FPGA(可重新配置的硬體電路)設計數位電路。在這本簡明的電子書中,作者Justin Rajewski將親自教導您如何動手創建第一個FPGA專案。

雖然FPGA(現場可程式化閘陣列)和Arduino、Raspberry Pi等微控制器常常被比較,但FPGA非常適合需要分解為並行階段、需要以低延遲高速運作,或需要自訂邏輯的專案。如果您了解電力基礎知識以及二進制、十六進制和十進制數字系統,您就準備好開始您的數位硬體掌握之旅了。

- 學習如何將硬體設計分解為模組,類似於軟體程式中的函數
- 透過安裝Xilinx ISE和Mojo IDE來設定您的開發環境
- 建立對可在FPGA上實現的數位設計的高層次理解
- 使用Lucid進行專案建構,Lucid是一種類似於C/C++、Verilog和Java的硬體描述語言
- 使用Mojo IDE來設計、建構和載入您的FPGA設計