The Art of Agile Development, 2/e (Paperback)

Shore, James, Warden, Shane




Most companies developing software employ something they call "Agile." But there's widespread misunderstanding of what Agile is and how to use it. If you want to improve your software development team's agility, this comprehensive guidebook's clear, concrete, and detailed guidance explains what to do and why, and when to make trade-offs.

In this thorough update of the classic Agile how-to guide, James Shore provides no-nonsense advice on Agile adoption, planning, development, delivery, and management taken from over two decades of Agile experience. He brings the latest ideas from Extreme Programming, Scrum, Lean, DevOps, and more into a cohesive whole. Learn how to successfully bring Agile development to your team and organization--or discover why Agile might not be for you.

This book explains how to:

  • Improve agility: create the conditions necessary for Agile to succeed and scale in your organization
  • Focus on value: work as a team, understand priorities, provide visibility, and improve continuously
  • Deliver software reliably: share ownership, decrease development costs, evolve designs, and deploy continuously
  • Optimize value: take ownership of product plans, budgets, and experiments--and produce market-leading software




- 提升敏捷性:在組織中創造敏捷成功和擴展所需的條件
- 關注價值:作為一個團隊工作,理解優先順序,提供可見性,並持續改進
- 可靠地交付軟體:共同擁有,降低開發成本,演進設計,並持續部署
- 優化價值:對產品計劃、預算和實驗負責,並生產領先市場的軟體


James Shore has been leading teams in practicing Agile development since 1999. He combines a deep understanding of Agile ideas with decades of in-the-trenches practical development experience. He uses this experience to help people understand how all aspects of Agile fit together to create outstanding results. James is a recipient of the Agile Alliance's Gordon Pask Award for Contributions to Agile Practice, host of Let's Code: Test-Driven JavaScript, and co-creator of the Agile Fluency Model.

Shane Warden is an engineering leader and writer, notably the co-author of The Art of Agile Development and Masterminds of Programming. When he's not working, he helps to give animals good homes.


James Shore自1999年以來一直帶領團隊實踐敏捷開發。他將對敏捷理念的深入理解與數十年的實際開發經驗相結合。他利用這些經驗幫助人們理解敏捷的各個方面如何結合在一起,以創造出優秀的結果。James是敏捷聯盟(Agile Alliance)的Gordon Pask獎得主,該獎項表彰對敏捷實踐的貢獻。他還是Let's Code: Test-Driven JavaScript的主持人,以及敏捷流暢度模型(Agile Fluency Model)的共同創作者。

Shane Warden是一位工程領導者和作家,尤其是《The Art of Agile Development》和《Masterminds of Programming》的合著者。在工作之餘,他幫助動物找到好的家。