Social Media Marketing Toolkit: Tips, Tools & Tactics For Marketing Success

Naya Lizardo


SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TOOLKIT Tips, Tools, & Tactics for Marketing Success When you hear the phrase ‘Social Media’ does your heart race a little and do your palms sweat? In an age where computers are mainstream and social media applications are plentiful, there are still millions of people left overly anxious by the idea of interacting electronically. We’re not suggesting you replace your intimate, one-on-one interactions with family and friends by using a social media, but there are valuable resources at your fingertips for staying in touch and for marketing business or product. Social media has a way of amplifying the word-of-mouth effect, which is unrivaled, when implementing a online marketing strategy. Author Naya Lizardo offers concise, easy to follow instructions on using a multitude of online service providers and applications. If you’re looking to market a new product or would like to reinvigorate an older one (book, software application, website, etc.) utilizing a social media campaign should be at the forefront of your strategy. There is literally no better way to reach the masses than by using your computer, tablet or phone from the comfort of your home or office. This guide is geared for users of all experience levels; giving the novice ideas they can master in minutes, and tips the professional can use to enhance their online success. The suggestions are straightforward, practical, and applicable to today’s challenges. Once you’ve consumed the concepts, you’ll refer back to this resource again and again to maximize your marketing potential. Instruction for, but not limited to, the following: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google Plus YouTube And more Available On Kindle and paperback. Get your copy today.