Readings in Hardware/Software Co-design (Paperback)

Giovanni De Micheli, Rolf Ernst, Wayne Wolf

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Embedded system designers are constantly looking for new tools and techniques to help satisfy the exploding demand for consumer information appliances and specialized industrial products. One critical barrier to the timely release of embedded system products is integrating the design of the hardware and software systems. Hardware/software co-design is a set of methodologies and techniques specifically created to support the concurrent design of both systems, effectively reducing multiple iterations and major redesigns. In addition to its critical role in the development of embedded systems, many experts believe that co-design will be a key design methodology for Systems-on-a-Chip.

Readings in Hardware/Software Co-Design presents the papers that have shaped the hardware/software co-design field since its inception in the early 90s. Field experts -- Giovanni De Micheli, Rolf Ernst, and Wayne Wolf -- introduce sections of the book, and provide context for the paper that follow. This collection provides professionals, researchers and graduate students with a single reference source for this critical aspect of computing design.




Chapter 1: Introduction

Hardware-Software Cosynthesis for Digital Systems

R. K Gupta and G. De Micheli

Hardware-Software Cosynthesis for Microcontrollers

R. Ernst, J. Henkel, and T. Benner

Hardware-Software Co-Design

G. De Micheli and R. K Gupta

Codesign of Embedded Systems: Status and Trends

R. Ernst

Chapter 2: Modeling

Dataflow Process Networks

E. A. Lee and T. M. Parks

Design of Embedded Systems: Formal Models, Validation, and Synthesis

S. Edwards, L. Lavagno, E. A. Lee, and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

SpecSyn: An Environment Supporting the Specify-Explore-Refine Paradigm for Hardware/Software System Design

D. D. Gajski, F: Vahid, S. Narayan, and J. Gong

VHDL Generation from SDL Specifications

J.-M. Daveau, G. Femandes Marchioro, C. Alberto Valderrama, and A. Amine Jerraya

STATEMATE: A Working Environment for the Development of Complex Reactive Systems

D. Harel, H. Lachover, A. Naamad, A. Pnyeli, M. Politi, R. Sherman, A. Shtull-Trauring, and M. Trakhtenbrot

The Synchronous Approach to Reactive and Real-Time Systems

A. Benveniste and G. Berry

Chapter 3: Analysis and ktimation

Performance Estimation of Embedded Software with Instruction Cache Modeling

Y.-T. S. Li, S. Malik, and A. Wolfe

Scheduling Algorithms for Multiprogramming in a Hard-Real-Time Environment

C. L. Liu and J. W. Layland

Performance Estimation for Real-Time Distributed Embedded Systems

T.-Y. Yen and W. Wolf

Rate Analysis for Embedded Systems

A. Mathur, A. Dasdan, and R. K Gupta

Power Analysis of Embedded Software: A First Step Towards Software Power Minimization

V Tiwari, S. Malik, and A. Wolfe

A Survey of Design Techniques for System-Level Dynamic Power Management

L. Benini, A. Bogliolo, and G. De Micheli

Power Estimation of Embedded Systems: A Hardware/Software Codesign Approach

W. Fornaciari, P. Gubian, D. Sciuto, and C. Silvano

A Framework for Estimating and Minimizing Energy Dissipation of Embedded HW/SW Systems

Y. Li and J. Henkel

Hardware/Software Co-Synthesis with Memory Hierarchies

Y. Li and W. Wolf

System Level Memory Optimization for Hardware-Software Co-design

K. Danckaert, F. Catthoor, and H. De Man

A Path-Based Technique for Estimating Hardware Runtime in HW/SW-Cosynthesis

J. Henkel and R. Ernst

Chapter 4: System-Level Partitioning, Synthesis and lnterfacing

The Extended Partitioning Problem: Hardware/Software Mapping, Scheduling, and Implementation-bin Selection

A. Kalavade and E. A. Lee

Hardware-Software Codesign of Embedded Systems

M. Chiodo, P. Giusto, A. Jurecska, H. C. Hsieh, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, and L. Lavagno

SOS: Synthesis of Application-Specific Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems

S. Prakash and A. C. Parker

An Architectural Co-Synthesis Algorithm for Distributed, Embedded Computing Systems

W. Wolf

Control Generation for Embedded Systems on Composition of Modal Processes

P. Chou, K Hines, K Partridge, and G. Borriello

Interface Co-Synthesis Techniques for Embedded Systems

P. Chou, R. B. Ortega, and G. Borriello

Protocol Selection and Interface Generation for HW-SW Codesign

J.-M. Daveau, G. Fernandes Marchioro, T. Ben-lsmail, and A. Amine Jerraya

Clairvoyant: A Synthesis System for Production-Based Specification

A. Seawright and F: Brewer

Real-Time Multi-Tasking in Software Synthesis for Information Processing Systems 389

F. Thoen, M. Cornero, G. Goossens, and H. De Man

Co-Synthesis and Co-Simulation of Control-Dominated Embedded Systems

A. Balboni, W. Fornaciari, and D. Sciuto

CoWare-A Design Environment for Heterogeneous Hardware/Software Systems

D. Verkest, K Van Rompaey, 1. Bolsens, and H. De Man

Chapter 5: Implementation Generation

Embedded Software in Real-Time Signal Processing Systems: Design Technologies

G. Goossens, J. Van Praet, D. Lanneer, W. Geurts, A. Kifli, C. Liem, and P. G. Paulin

Generating Compact Code from Dataflow Specifications of Multirate Signal Processing Algorithms

S. S. Bhattacharyya, J. T. Buck, S. Ha, and E. A. Lee

Memory Management for Embedded Network Applications

S. Wuytack, J. L. da Silva, Jr., F: Catthoor, G. de Jong, and C. Ykman-Couvreur

Lower Bound on Latency for VLIW ASIP Datapaths

M. F: Jacome and G. de Veciana

Constraint Analysis for DSP Code Generation

B. Mesman, A. H. Timmer, J. L. van Meerbergen, and J. A. G. Jess

Instruction Selection Using Binate Covering for Code Size Optimization

S. Liao, S. Devadas, K. Keutzer, and S. Tijang

A Retargetable Compilation Methodology for Embedded Digital Signal Processors Using a Machine-Dependent Code Optimization Library

A. Sudarsanam, S. Malik, and M. Fujita

Incremental Hardware Estimation During Hardware/Software Functional Partitioning

F. Vahid and D. D. Gajski

Chapter 6: Co-Simulation and Emulation

Ptolemy: A Framework for Simulating and Prototyping Heterogeneous Systems

J. Buck, S. Ha, E. A. Lee, and D. G. Messerschmitt

Synthesis and Simulation of Digital Systems Containing Interacting Hardware and Software Components

R. K Gupta, C. N. Coelho, Jr., and G. De Micheli

An Engineering Environment for Hardware/Software Co-simulation

D. Becker, R. K Singh, and S. G. Tell

A Hardware-Software Codesign Methodology for DSP Applications

A. Kalavade and E. A. Lee

A Hardware-Software Co-simulator for Embedded System Design and Debugging

A. Ghosh, M. Bershteyn, R. Casley, C. Chien, A. Jain, M. Lipsie, D. Tarrodaychik, and O. Yamamoto

A Unified Model for Co-simulation and Co-synthesis of Mixed Hardware/Software Systems

C. A. Valderrama, A. Changuel, P. V. Raghavan, M. Abid, T. Ben Ismail, and A. A. Jerraya

Compiled HW/SW Co-simulation

V. Zivojnovic and H. Meyr

Hardware-Software Prototyping from LOTOS

L. Sánchez Fernandez, Gernot Koch, N. Martfnez Madrid, M. L. Lopéz Vallejo, C. Delgado Kloos, and W. Rosenstiel

Chapter 7: Reconfigurable Computing Platforms

Programmable Active Memories: Reconfigurable Systems Come of Age

J. Vuillemin, P. Bertin, D. Roncin, M. Shand, H. H. Touati, and P. Boucard

Logic Emulation with Virtual Wires

J. Babb, R. Tessier, M Dahl, S. Zimi Hanono, D. M. Hoki, and A. Agarwal

Embryonics: A New Methodology for Designing Field-Programmable Gate Arrays with Self-Repair and Self-Replicating Properties

D. Mange, E. Sanchez, A. Stauffer, G. Tempesti, P. Marchal, and C. Piguet

Chapter 8: Case Studies

Electronic and Firmware Design of the HP DesignJet Drafting Plotter

A. H. Mebane IV, J. R. Schmedake, I.-S. Chen, and A. P. Kadonaga

Design and Implementation of a Robot Control System Using a Unified Hardware-Software Rapid-Prototyping Framework

M B. Srivastava, T. 1. Blumenau, and R. W. Brodersen

The Infopad Multimedia Terminal: A Portable Device for Wireless Information Access

T. E. Truman, T. Pering, R. Doering, and R. W. Brodersen

A Processor-Coprocessor Architecture for High End Video Applications

E. Maas, D. Hermann, R. Ernst, P. Rüffer, S. Hasenzahl, and M. Seitz