Managing Usenet (Paperback)

David Lawrence, Henry Spencer

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  • 出版日期: 1998-01-11
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Usenet, also called Netnews, is the world's largest discussion forum and it is doubling in size every year. There are Usenet discussion groups on every imaginable topic, from the technical and scientific, to the political and religious, and onto the truly bizarre and arcane. If you simply use the Netnews system, all of this discussion can be interesting and entertaining. But if you're a system administrator who has to set up and run a Netnews system, you suddenly have the unenviable task of making sure that your system can handle a data flow of thousands of megabytes per day. Unfortunately, Usenet administration is one area of network administration that is still learned primarily by word-of-mouth and Internet folklore. That is, until now.

This book, written by two of the foremost authorities on Usenet administration, is full of practical information about how to set up and run a news system. Managing Usenet covers C News and INN, the two most widely used news relayers on UNIX systems. It explains the basics of starting a Netnews system, from getting a news feed, to building and installing the news software, to keeping everything running smoothly. Managing Usenet also offers guidelines to help you make sure that your system is capable of handling news volume today and in the future. This book contains everything you need to know to administer a Netnews system, from a single news server inside your organization to a complicated system with multiple servers, several incoming news feeds, and outgoing feeds to a number of other hosts as well.


Table of Contents:


Chapter 1. Introduction
   1.1 Netnews and Usenet
   1.2 A Brief History
   1.3 How It Works
   1.4 What You Need

Chapter 2. Getting Ready
   2.1 Getting a Feed
   2.2 How Much News?
   2.3 Propagation Issues
   2.4 Hostnames
   2.5 Local Newsgroups
   2.6 Internal News Networks
   2.7 Filesystem Layout
   2.8 Choosing the Software

Chapter 3. News Operations
   3.1 Managing the Flow
   3.2 Control Messages
   3.3 Newsgroup Changes
   3.4 Expiry Policy
   3.5 Archives and Backups
   3.6 Unwanted Newsgroups
   3.7 Security Considerations
   3.8 Getting Help

Chapter 4. Installing C News
   4.1 The C News and NNTP Distributions
   4.2 Preparing to Build C News: quiz
   4.3 Building C News
   4.4 Checking C News
   4.5 Installing C News
   4.6 Preparing to Build the NNTP Reference Implementation
   4.7 Building the NNTP Reference Implementation
   4.8 Installing the NNTP Reference Implementation

Chapter 5. Configuring C News
   5.1 C News Control Files
   5.2 NNTP Reference Implementation Control Files
   5.3 Verifying C News Installation
   5.4 Loose Ends
   5.5 Cleaning Up

Chapter 6. Running C News
   6.1 Testing a New Installation
   6.2 Article Flow
   6.3 Common Problems
   6.4 Logs and Trouble Reports
   6.5 Wrapping Up

Chapter 7. Installing INN
   7.1 The INN Distribution
   7.2 Preparing to Build INN
   7.3 Building INN
   7.4 Installing INN

Chapter 8. Configuring INN
   8.1 How to Update Files
   8.2 Control Files
   8.3 Scripts

Chapter 9. Running INN
   9.1 Starting INN
   9.2 Testing the Installation
   9.3 Normal Operation
   9.4 Ongoing Maintenance
   9.5 Log Files
   9.6 Troubleshooting Common Problems
   9.7 Wrapping Up

Chapter 10. Choosing and Installing Newsreaders
   10.1 Installing Newsreaders
   10.2 Operational Issues
   10.3 Popular Newsreaders
   10.4 More Information

Chapter 11. You're a Network Manager Now
   11.1 Network Optimization
   11.2 Managing People
   11.3 Your Site and the Law

Chapter 12. Leaf Nodes
   12.1 Plenty of Power
   12.2 Maintaining the Active File
   12.3 Dealing with Your Feed
   12.4 Record Keeping

Chapter 13. Hub Nodes
   13.1 Volume, Volume, Volume
   13.2 Transmitters
   13.3 Additional Automation
   13.4 The Political View

Chapter 14. Gatewaying
   14.1 Known Worldwide Gateways
   14.2 Posting via Mail
   14.3 Setting Up a Gateway
   14.4 Programming a Gateway

Chapter 15. Moderating Newsgroups
   15.1 Creating a Moderated Group
   15.2 Getting Postings to the Moderator
   15.3 Preparing Articles for Distribution
   15.4 Putting the Articles in the Group
   15.5 Moderators' Software Tools
   15.6 The Political Side

Chapter 16. Newsgroups and Their Names
   16.1 A Brief Survey
   16.2 Namespace Theory
   16.3 Changing the Namespace

Chapter 17. A Brief History of Usenet
   17.1 Origins
   17.2 Growing Pains
   17.3 Namespace History

Chapter 18. Anatomy of a News Article
   18.1 Basic Layout and Character Codes
   18.2 Headers
   18.3 Body
   18.4 Control Messages
   18.5 MIME

Chapter 19. Flow and Processing of Traffic
   19.1 News Propagation
   19.2 Article Storage and Indexing
   19.3 Batching for Transmission
   19.4 Transmission by UUCP
   19.5 Transmission by NNTP
   19.6 Last-Resort Transmission Methods