The Unified Process Transition and Production Phases

Scott W. Ambler

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Is the Unified Process the be all and end all standard for developing object-oriented, component-based software? This book is the final in a four-volume series that presents a critical review of the Unified Process. The authors present a survey of the alternate software processes, and synthesize a more robust process that addresses the complete breadth of your real-world development and production needs. After elaborating on the UP with a more complete software process, each volume presents a masters' collection of today's best practices in implementing the respective phase: inception, elaboration, construction, and transition and production.

You get the collective wisdom of industry luminaries! Contributions by James Bach, Martin Fowler, Jim Highsmith, Warren Keuffel, Bertrand Meyer, Mary Poppendieck, Karl Wiegers, and others provide proven alternative approaches to the techniques encompassed by the Unified Process. You learn:


  • How large-scale, mission-critical software is developed and maintained
  • How programming fits into the overall development life cycle
  • Tips and techniques to enhance your role (and career)

And you learn practical details of implementing a software process with best practices on such issues as requirements, managing project risks, testing and measurement efforts, and selecting and deploying the right tools.

Implement an Enterprise Unified Process with an enhanced lifecycle. This volume provides the information you need to properly deploy, operate, and support your new system. In delivering a new system to a user community during the transition phase you will:


  • Test and validate the complete system
  • Operate the system in parallel with legacy systems
  • Convert legacy databases and systems to support your new release
  • Train users, operations staff, support staff, and maintenance developers

To ensure continued operation of the system during the production phase you will:

  • Monitor the system, acting appropriately to ensure continued operation
  • Operate and maintain relevant jobs, logs, and supporting systems
  • Respond to help requests, error reports, and feature requests
  • Manage the change control process

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Deployment

Chapter 3 Test

Chapter 4 Project Management

Chapter 5 Operations and Support

Chapter 6 Infrastructure Management

Chapter 7 Beyond the Unified Process - Agile Software Processes

Chapter 8 Parting Words

Appendix A Bibliography

Appendix B Contributing Authors

Appendix C References and Recommended Reading




您將獲得業界專家的集體智慧!該書包含了James Bach、Martin Fowler、Jim Highsmith、Warren Keuffel、Bertrand Meyer、Mary Poppendieck、Karl Wiegers等人對統一過程所涵蓋技術的成熟替代方法。您將學到:

- 如何開發和維護大型、關鍵任務的軟體
- 編程如何融入整個開發生命週期
- 提升您的角色(和職業生涯)的技巧和技術



- 測試和驗證完整系統
- 與舊系統並行運營新系統
- 轉換舊的數據庫和系統以支援新版本
- 培訓用戶、運營人員、支援人員和維護開發人員


- 監控系統,適時採取行動以確保持續運作
- 運營和維護相關作業、日誌和支援系統
- 回應幫助請求、錯誤報告和功能請求
- 管理變更控制過程


- 前言
- 第1章 簡介
- 第2章 部署
- 第3章 測試
- 第4章 項目管理
- 第5章 運營和支援
- 第6章 基礎設施管理
- 第7章 超越統一過程 - 敏捷軟體過程
- 第8章 結語
- 附錄A 參考文獻
- 附錄B 貢獻作者
- 附錄C 參考資料
- 索引