Embedded Control Systems in C/C++

Jim Ledin





Implement proven design techniques for control systems without having to master any advanced mathematics. Using an effective step-by-step approach, this book presents a number of control system design techniques geared toward readers of all experience levels. Mathematical derivations are avoided, thus making the methods accessible to developers with no background in control system engineering. For the more advanced techniques, this book shows how to apply the best available software tools for control system design: MATLAB?and its toolboxes.

Based on two decades of practical experience, the author illustrates how to implement control systems in your resource-limited embedded systems. Using C or C++, you will learn to design and test control systems to ensure a high level of performance and robustness.

Key features include:

  • Implementing a control system using PID control
  • Developing linear time-invariant plant models
  • Using root locus design and Bode diagram design
  • Using the pole placement design method
  • Using the Linear Quadratic Regulator and Kalman Filter optimal design methods
  • Implementing and testing discrete-time floating-point and fixed-point controllers in C and C++
  • Adding nonlinear features such as limiters to the controller design

The companion CD-ROM includes complete, reusable MATLAB routines for designing controllers and for generating efficient C/C++ controller source code, as well as numerous examples that can be quickly adapted to specific control problems.