Animating Facial Features & Expressions, 2/e

David Kalwick

  • 出版商: Charles River Media
  • 出版日期: 2006-05-03
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  • 售價: 2.5$399
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 384
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1584504749
  • ISBN-13: 9781584504740
  • 相關分類: 3D建模 3D-modeling
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This is a great reference book for all animators focused on creating talking and emotionally expressive characters. For anyone not already actively doing this kind of work, like students, it will help to set expectations for what the standard for acceptable quality is in today’s market.”
      — Tito Pagan, Digipen Institute of Technology

This completely updated edition of the classic Animating Facial Features & Expressions brings this resource up to date with today’s tools and techniques. Written to teach 3D artists, designers, and animators how to add realism to their character’s expressions, this is a one-of- a-kind reference you’ll want to add to your library.

The book begins by teaching you about the anatomy of the human head, facial features, and facial muscles. From there it teaches you how to recreate the human face and muscle structure in 3D and then how to make it move in realistic, believable fashion. The book is filled with detailed instruction for lip synching and creating visual expressions for speech and sound under a variety of conditions (sad, happy, stuttering, etc.). It provides visual reference charts of morph targets for weighted human expressions, typical human phonemes, cartoon expressions, facial expressions, and just-for-fun cartoon expressions. In this edition there are also two new chapters that teach you how to use 3ds Max and Maya for animating facial expressions. All of these techniques can be applied to your own game characters, animals, creatures, and other animated creations.

If you want your characters to have truly realistic facial expressions, you’ll learn everything you need to know in this indispensable resource.



  • Provides 3D designers and animators with a detailed reference for creating realistic facial expressions
  • Includes completely updated coverage of the latest tools and techniques
  • Includes two new chapters: Animating Facial Expressions with 3ds Max, and Animating Facial Expressions with Maya
  • Provides new coverage of facial expressions animated with Bones, and Expressions using Joints, Clusters, and Spline IK



這是一本針對創造說話和情感表達角色的動畫師的重要參考書籍。對於那些還沒有從事這類工作的人,例如學生,它將幫助設定對於當今市場可接受品質的期望。- Tito Pagan, Digipen Institute of Technology

這本經過完全更新的經典著作《Animating Facial Features & Expressions》以現代的工具和技術來更新資源。它旨在教授3D藝術家、設計師和動畫師如何為角色的表情增添真實感,這是一本獨一無二的參考書籍,您一定會想加入您的圖書館。

本書首先教授您有關人類頭部解剖學、面部特徵和面部肌肉的知識。然後,它教您如何在3D中重現人類的面部和肌肉結構,並使其以逼真、可信的方式移動。本書詳細介紹了唇語同步和在各種情況下(悲傷、快樂、口吃等)創造語音和聲音的視覺表達的技巧。它提供了加權人類表情、典型人類音素、卡通表情、面部表情和純粹為了樂趣的卡通表情的視覺參考圖表。在這個版本中,還新增了兩個章節,教您如何使用3ds Max和Maya來製作動畫面部表情。所有這些技術都可以應用於您自己的遊戲角色、動物、生物和其他動畫創作。



- 為3D設計師和動畫師提供了創造真實面部表情的詳細參考資料
- 包括對最新工具和技術的完全更新
- 包括兩個新章節:使用3ds Max製作動畫面部表情,以及使用Maya製作動畫面部表情
- 提供了使用骨骼進行面部表情動畫和使用關節、集群和Spline IK進行表情動畫的新內容