Edge: Value-Driven Digital Transformation

Highsmith, Jim, Luu, Linda, Robinson, David



Today's enterprises are achieving incremental outcomes in a world of exponential opportunities. Why are their digital transformations falling short? Poor execution: enterprise capabilities are proving inadequate in areas ranging from portfolio management to software delivery. Now, ThoughtWorks' pioneering digital transformation experts introduce EDGE: a powerful new operating model that closes the gap between digital strategy and execution, so you can truly achieve continuous innovation. Fast, iterative, adaptive, lightweight, and value driven, EDGE addresses three crucial issues:

  • How people work together when major, fast-paced responses are necessary
  • How organizations allocate and monitor investment funds for initiatives based on their vision and goals
  • How organizations learn to adapt fast enough to thrive

Agile leader Jim Highsmith and his colleagues explain how EDGE embraces an adaptive mindset in the face of market uncertainty, a Lean Value Tree that encourages value linkage from vision to detailed initiatives, incremental rather than big upfront funding, and a focus on collaborative decision-making rather than artifacts and burdensome processes. Next, they illuminate EDGE's emphasis on managing change and transforming organizations by adjusting investment to reflect new strategies and reduce risk. You'll gain practical insight for leveraging EDGE in your organization, drawing on the unmatched experience of its creators and their pioneering clients.



- 當需要做出重大、快速反應時,人們如何協同工作
- 組織如何根據其願景和目標分配和監控投資資金
- 組織如何學會足夠快地適應以繁榮發展

敏捷領袖Jim Highsmith及其同事解釋了EDGE如何在市場不確定性面前擁抱適應性思維,如何通過精簡價值樹從願景到詳細計劃鼓勵價值聯結,如何採用增量式而非大量預先投資,以及如何著重於協作決策而非文檔和繁瑣流程。接下來,他們闡明了EDGE在管理變革和轉型組織方面的重點,通過調整投資以反映新策略並降低風險。您將從其創作者及其開創性客戶的無與倫比經驗中獲得在組織中運用EDGE的實用見解。


Jim Highsmith, Executive Consultant at ThoughtWorks, Inc, has 50-plus years' experience as a manager, consultant, developer, and storyteller. A leader in the agile community for more than 20 years, he coauthored the Agile Manifesto, cofounded The Agile Alliance, and authored the world-renowned books Adaptive Leadership and Agile Project Management (both from Addison-Wesley).

Linda Luu is a principal product and portfolio consultant at ThoughtWorks, Inc., with over 15 years' experience in product innovation, customer centered design, and organizational transformation. Experienced in Lean, Agile, and Design Thinking practices, Linda has worked with a number of clients worldwide to build digital organizations that can sense and respond to changing customer and business needs. Linda holds a double degree in commerce (finance) and science (applied maths), and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

David Robinson is a principal consultant at ThoughtWorks, Inc., with over 30 years experience in information technology management, organizational transformation, and technology consulting. David's career has spanned consulting with large organizations, upper management roles in enterprise IT shops, and running an organization development team.


Jim Highsmith,ThoughtWorks公司的執行顧問,擁有50多年的經驗,曾擔任經理、顧問、開發人員和故事講述者。作為敏捷社區的領導者超過20年,他是《敏捷宣言》的共同作者,共同創辦了敏捷聯盟,並撰寫了世界知名的書籍《適應性領導》和《敏捷專案管理》(均由Addison-Wesley出版)。

Linda Luu是ThoughtWorks公司的首席產品和組合顧問,擁有超過15年的產品創新、以客戶為中心的設計和組織轉型經驗。Linda熟悉精益、敏捷和設計思維的實踐,曾與全球多個客戶合作建立能夠感知並應對不斷變化的客戶和業務需求的數字化組織。Linda擁有商業(金融)和科學(應用數學)雙學位,以及澳大利亞管理研究生院的MBA學位。

David Robinson是ThoughtWorks公司的首席顧問,擁有超過30年的資訊技術管理、組織轉型和技術顧問經驗。David的職業生涯涵蓋了與大型組織的顧問合作、企業IT部門的高級管理職位以及組織發展團隊的運營。