Pro Java 6 3D Game Development: Java 3D, JOGL, JInput and JOAL APIs

Andrew Davison

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  • 出版日期: 2007-04-25
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  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 1590598172
  • ISBN-13: 9781590598177
  • 相關分類: Java 程式語言
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Create strange lands filled with mysterious objects (cows frozen in blocks of ice, chirping penguins, golden globes with wavering eyes) and throw away your keyboard and mouse, to go exploring armed only with a gamepad, power glove, or just your bare hands?/p>

Java gaming expert Andrew Davison will show you how to develop and program 3D games in Java?technology on a PC, with an emphasis on the construction of 3D landscapes. It's assumed you have a reasonable knowledge of Java - the sort of thing picked up in a first Java course at school.

Topics are split into three sections: Java 3D?API, non-standard input devices for game playing, and JOGL. Java 3D is a high-level 3D graphics API, and JOGL is a lower-level Java wrapper around the popular OpenGL graphics API.

Youll look at three non-standard input devices: the webcam, the game pad, and the P5 data glove.

Along the way, youll utilize several other games-related libraries including: JInput, JOAL, JMF, and Odejava.

Learn all the latest Java SE 6 features relevant to gaming, including: splash screens, JavaScript?scripting as well as the desktop and system tray interfaces.

Unique coverage of Java game development using both the Java 3D API and Java for OpenGL, as well as invaluable experience from a recognized Java gaming guru, will provide you with a distinct advantage after reading this book.



創建充滿神秘物體的奇異土地(被冰塊凍住的牛、叫喚的企鵝、搖晃著眼睛的金球),丟掉鍵盤和滑鼠,只用遊戲手柄、動力手套或赤手空拳去探索?Java遊戲專家Andrew Davison將向您展示如何在PC上開發和編程Java技術的3D遊戲,重點是構建3D景觀。假設您對Java有合理的了解-這是在學校的第一門Java課程中學到的東西。

主題分為三個部分:Java 3D API、非標準輸入設備進行遊戲和JOGL。Java 3D是一個高級的3D圖形API,JOGL是一個低級的Java封裝,用於流行的OpenGL圖形API。



學習與遊戲相關的最新Java SE 6功能,包括:啟動屏幕、JavaScript腳本以及桌面和系統托盤界面。

本書獨特地涵蓋了使用Java 3D API和Java for OpenGL進行Java遊戲開發的內容,以及來自一位公認的Java遊戲大師的寶貴經驗,將在閱讀本書後為您提供獨特的優勢。