Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites

Kevin Potts

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Business web sites are a specialized subset of web sites that require specialized design techniques if you are to ensure an effective online presence for you and your clients. You need to think about structuring your information so it's easy to understand, marketing your products and services, and making sure your site is not only usable, but also accessible to customers with disabilities. This book teaches you all you need to know to create effective web sites for businesses of all sizes, in a lively, entertaining style, packed with useful tips and practical examples. First you are taken through the planning stage, including overall site structure, grouping content, using content and language effectively, planning for accessibility, and much more. Next, you are shown how to effectively design the different parts of your site&amp; #8212; from product information pages, contact information and navigation to corporate blogs and support pages. Finally, in the last part of the book you are shown how to add further specialized improvements to your corporate site, including feedback forms and search functionality. The examples focus largely on CSS and HTML, client-side wise, but the principles are applicable to any site, regardless of the technology used, and some useful Flash examples are also provided where appropriate. Business Web Design Solutions gives you all you need to do business better online.