MATLAB Advanced GUI Development

Scott T. Smith

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After more than 20 years of development, MATLAB has evolved from a powerful matrix calculation application into a universal programming tool used extensively within scientific and engineering communities both commercial and academic. MATLAB versions 6.x and 7.x include functionality for developing advanced graphical user interfaces, GUIs, and real-time animation and graphics. GUI applications offer many advantages for users who wish to solve complex problems by providing interactivity and visual feedback. Some common examples of application areas where GUI development is desirable: . Image and Video Processing . Signal Processing . Communications . Simulation of Complex Systems . Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Interfaces . Control Systems . Financial Analysis . Animation of 2D or 3D Graphical Data This text introduces you to the capabilities of MATLAB for GUI development and covers the following areas in detail: . Handle Graphics® programming and low-level GUIs . High-level GUI development using GUIDE . The structure of GUIs including event processing, callbacks, timers, and real-time animation of plots / data . Advanced GUI architectures including multiple figure GUIs and image mapped interface controls Instructional examples and exercises are provided throughout each chapter that offers a hands-on approach to learning MATLAB GUI development. The M-file code for each example and exercise solution is available for download on the web to help you quickly learn how to develop your own GUIs! About The Author Scott T. Smith received his MSEE degree from SUNY at Buffalo in the fields of image sensor applications and image processing. He currently works for Micron Technology Inc. in California as an Imaging Engineer and has 10 years of experience working with MATLAB and developing GUI applications. Previous work experience includes 3 years at the David Sarnoff Research Center (Former RCA Research Labs) in Princeton, NJ as an Associate Member of the Technical Staff in the Advanced Imaging Group as well 3 years as an R&D engineer for an X-ray/scientific imaging company. He is a member of SPIE and IEEE and is an author or co-author of several papers and patents in the field of imaging.



經過20多年的發展,MATLAB已經從一個強大的矩陣計算應用程序演變成一個在科學和工程界廣泛使用的通用編程工具,無論是商業還是學術領域。MATLAB 6.x和7.x版本包括用於開發高級圖形用戶界面(GUI)和實時動畫和圖形的功能。GUI應用程序為希望通過提供互動性和視覺反饋來解決複雜問題的用戶提供了許多優勢。一些常見的應用領域包括:圖像和視頻處理、信號處理、通信、複雜系統模擬、儀器和數據采集界面、控制系統、金融分析、2D或3D圖形數據的動畫。本文將介紹MATLAB在GUI開發方面的能力,並詳細介紹以下領域:Handle Graphics®編程和低級GUI、使用GUIDE進行高級GUI開發、GUI的結構,包括事件處理、回調、定時器和實時動畫的繪圖/數據、包括多個圖形界面和圖像映射界面控件的高級GUI架構。每章都提供了教學示例和練習,以實踐學習MATLAB GUI開發的方法。每個示例和練習解決方案的M文件代碼可在網上下載,以幫助您快速學習如何開發自己的GUI!作者簡介Scott T. Smith在圖像傳感器應用和圖像處理領域獲得了SUNY at Buffalo的MSEE學位。他目前在加利福尼亞的Micron Technology Inc.擔任圖像工程師,擁有10年的MATLAB和GUI應用程序開發經驗。之前的工作經驗包括在新澤西州普林斯頓的大衛·薩諾夫研究中心(前RCA研究實驗室)擔任高級成像組的技術人員副成員3年,以及在一家X射線/科學成像公司擔任研發工程師3年。他是SPIE和IEEE的成員,並且是圖像領域中幾篇論文和專利的作者或合著者。