WebAssembly in Action

Gerard Gallant




"Atwood's Law"is driven by the idea that all applications will ultimately wind up on the web and therefore must be written in JavaScript. WebAssembly may be your way out! With WebAssembly, you can write in nearly any modern language and run your code in the browser through a memory-safe, sandboxed execution environment that can be embedded in a web browser and other platforms.

Getting set up and moving with WebAssembly requires you to modify your web dev process; WebAssembly in Actionwill get you started quickly and guide you through real-world examples and detailed diagrams that help you create, run, and debug WebAssembly modules.


「阿特伍德法則」是基於一個觀念,即所有應用程式最終都會進入網路,因此必須使用 JavaScript 進行編寫。WebAssembly 可能是你的出路!使用 WebAssembly,你可以使用幾乎任何現代語言進行編寫,並通過一個安全的、隔離的執行環境在瀏覽器中運行你的程式碼,該環境可以嵌入在網頁瀏覽器和其他平台中。

要設置和使用 WebAssembly,你需要修改你的網頁開發流程;《WebAssembly 實戰》將快速為你入門,並通過實際案例和詳細的圖表指導你創建、運行和調試 WebAssembly 模組。