Practices of the Python Pro

Hillard, Dane




Professional developers know the many benefits of writing application code that's clean, well-organized, and easy to maintain. By learning and following established patterns and best practices, you can take your code and your career to a new level.

With Practices of the Python Pro, you'll learn to design professional-level, clean, easily-maintainable software at scale using the incredibly popular programming language, Python. You'll find easy-to-grok examples that use pseudocode and Python to introduce software development best practices, along with dozens of instantly-useful techniques that will help you code like a pro.

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Dane Hillard has spent the majority of professional software development career building web applications using Python. He's passionate about introducing professional software development techniques to the many data scientists, business pros, and other self-taught programmers working with Python.


Dane Hillard在他的職業軟體開發生涯中,大部分時間都是使用Python建立網路應用程式。他熱衷於將專業軟體開發技巧介紹給許多使用Python的資料科學家、商業專業人士和其他自學程式設計師。