JavaScript Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming

Morgan, Nick

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  • 出版日期: 2024-03-05
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A fast-paced, thorough programming introduction that will have you writing your own software and web applications in no time.

Like Python Crash Course, this hands-on guide is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn how to code from the ground up--this time using the popular JavaScript programming language.

Learn JavaScript--Fast!

JavaScript Crash Course is a fun-filled, fast-paced introduction to programming with JavaScript. Dive right in and you'll be writing code, solving problems, and building working web applications and games in no time. You'll start by learning fundamental programming concepts, such as variables, arrays, objects, functions, conditionals, loops, classes, and more. Aided by engaging examples and hands-on exercises, you'll build on this foundation and combine JavaScript with HTML and CSS to create interactive web applications that you can run right away.

Then you'll put your new skills into play with three substantial projects: a Pong-style game with a virtual opponent, an app that generates electronic music, and a platform for visualizing data fetched from an API.

Along the way, you'll learn how to:

- Update web pages in real time by manipulating the Document Object Model
- Trigger functions in response to events like key presses and mouse clicks
- Generate graphics and animations with JavaScript and HTML's Canvas element
- Visualize data with the D3.js library and scalable vector graphics (SVG)
- Make electronic music with Tone.js and the Web Audio API

If you've been thinking about digging into programming, JavaScript Crash Course will get you writing real programs fast. Why wait any longer? Jump on your magic carpet and ride!


一本節奏快速、全面的程式設計入門書,讓你能夠迅速撰寫自己的軟體和網頁應用程式。就像《Python Crash Course》一樣,這本實戰指南是任何想要從頭學習編程的人必備的工具,這次使用的是流行的JavaScript程式語言。

快速學習JavaScript!《JavaScript Crash Course》是一本充滿樂趣、節奏快速的JavaScript程式設計入門書。立即開始,你將能夠撰寫程式碼、解決問題,並在短時間內建立可運行的網頁應用程式和遊戲。你將首先學習基本的程式設計概念,如變數、陣列、物件、函式、條件判斷、迴圈、類別等。通過引人入勝的例子和實踐練習,你將在此基礎上結合JavaScript、HTML和CSS,創建互動式的網頁應用程式。


- 通過操作文件物件模型(DOM)實時更新網頁
- 在鍵盤按鍵和滑鼠點擊等事件觸發時調用函式
- 使用JavaScript和HTML的Canvas元素生成圖形和動畫
- 使用D3.js庫和可縮放向量圖形(SVG)可視化數據
- 使用Tone.js和Web Audio API製作電子音樂

如果你一直在考慮學習程式設計,《JavaScript Crash Course》將讓你快速撰寫真實的程式。為什麼還要等待呢?跳上你的魔毯,開始飛行吧!


Nick Morgan is a software engineer, most recently at Twitter. He started on the web team, writing JavaScript to help to build the main website, before moving to writing Scala for the backend Tweets service, where he helped design Edit Tweet and the change from 140 to 280 character tweets. Nick grew up in the UK, and has a degree in Music and Sound Recording from the University of Surrey. He now lives in Colorado with his wife, two daughters, three cats, and one dog.


Nick Morgan是一位軟體工程師,最近在Twitter工作。他最初在網頁團隊工作,撰寫JavaScript來協助建立主要的twitter.com網站,後來轉而撰寫Scala用於後端的Tweets服務,他協助設計了編輯推文功能以及從140字轉為280字推文的改變。Nick在英國長大,擁有薩里大學的音樂和音效錄製學位。他現在和妻子、兩個女兒、三隻貓和一隻狗一起住在科羅拉多州。