ROS Robotics By Example

Carol Fairchild, Dr. Thomas L. Harman



Key Features

  • This book will help you boost your knowledge of ROS and give you advanced practical experience you can apply to your ROS robot platforms
  • This is the only book that offers you step-by-step instructions to solidify your ROS understanding and gain experience using ROS tools
  • From eminent authors, this book offers you a plethora of fun-filled examples to make your own quadcopter, turtlebot, and two-armed robots

Book Description

The visionaries who created ROS developed a framework for robotics centered on the commonality of robotic systems and exploited this commonality in ROS to expedite the development of future robotic systems.

From the fundamental concepts to advanced practical experience, this book will provide you with an incremental knowledge of the ROS framework, the backbone of the robotics evolution. ROS standardizes many layers of robotics functionality from low-level device drivers to process control to message passing to software package management. This book provides step-by-step examples of mobile, armed, and flying robots, describing the ROS implementation as the basic model for other robots of these types. By controlling these robots, whether in simulation or in reality, you will use ROS to drive, move, and fly robots using ROS control.

What you will learn

  • Get to know the fundamentals of ROS and apply its concepts to real robot examples
  • Control a mobile robot to navigate autonomously in an environment
  • Model your robot designs using URDF and Xacro, and operate them in a ROS Gazebo simulation
  • Control a 7 degree-of-freedom robot arm for visual servoing
  • Fly a quadcopter to autonomous waypoints
  • Gain working knowledge of ROS tools such as Gazebo, rviz, rqt, and Move-It
  • Control robots with mobile devices and controller boards

About the Author

Carol Fairchild is the owner and principal engineer of Fairchild Robotics, a robotics development and integration company. She is a researcher at Baxter's Lab at the University of Houston–Clear Lake (UHCL) and a member of the adjunct faculty. Her research involves the use of Baxter for expanded applications. Ms. Fairchild has been involved in many aspects of robotics from her earliest days of building her first robot, a Heathkit Hero. She has an MS in computer engineering from UHCL and a BS in engineering technology from Texas A&M. Ms. Fairchild has taught middle-school robotics, coached FLL, and volunteered for FIRST Robotics in Houston.

Dr. Thomas L. Harman is the chair of the engineering division at UHCL. His research interests are control systems and applications of robotics and microprocessors. Several of his research papers with colleagues involve robotic and laser applications in medicine. In 2005, he was selected as the UHCL Distinguished Professor. He has been a judge and safety advisor for the FIRST robotic contests in Houston. Dr. Harman has authored or coauthored 18 books on subjects including microprocessors, MATLAB and Simulink applications, and the National Electrical Code. His laboratory at UHCL has a Baxter two-armed robot and several TurtleBots as well as other robots.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with ROS
  2. Creating Your First Two-Wheeled ROS Robot (in Simulation)
  3. Driving Around with TurtleBot
  4. Navigating the World with TurtleBot
  5. Creating Your First Robot Arm (in Simulation)
  6. Wobbling Robot Arms Using Joint Control
  7. Making a Robot Fly
  8. Controlling Your Robots with External Devices
  9. Flying a Mission with Crazyflie
  10. Extending Your ROS Abilities



  • 本書將幫助您提升對ROS的知識,並為您的ROS機器人平台提供高級實踐經驗

  • 這是唯一一本提供逐步指導以鞏固您對ROS的理解並獲得使用ROS工具的經驗的書籍

  • 本書由著名作者提供了大量有趣的例子,讓您製作自己的四旋翼飛行器、龜裂機器人和雙臂機器人





  • 了解ROS的基本概念,並將其應用於真實機器人示例

  • 控制移動機器人在環境中自主導航

  • 使用URDF和Xacro對您的機器人設計進行建模,並在ROS Gazebo模擬中操作它們

  • 控制具有7個自由度的機器人臂進行視覺伺服

  • 飛行四旋翼飛行器到自主航點

  • 熟悉ROS工具,如Gazebo、rviz、rqt和Move-It

  • 使用移動設備和控制器板控制機器人


Carol Fairchild是Fairchild Robotics的所有者和首席工程師,該公司是一家機器人開發和集成公司。她是休斯頓大學克利爾湖分校(UHCL)Baxter實驗室的研究員,也是兼職教師。她的研究涉及使用Baxter進行擴展應用。Fairchild女士從建造她的第一個機器人(一個Heathkit Hero)的早期開始,就參與了機器人的許多方面。她擁有UHCL的計算機工程碩士學位和德克薩斯A&M的工程技術學士學位。Fairchild女士曾教授中學機器人課程,指導FLL比賽,並在休斯頓的FIRST Robotics中擔任志願者。

Thomas L. Harman博士是UHCL工程部門的主任。他的研究興趣包括控制系統和機器人以及微處理器的應用。他與同事合著的幾篇研究論文涉及醫學中的機器人和激光應用。2005年,他被選為UHCL杰出教授。他曾擔任休斯頓FIRST機器人比賽的評委和安全顧問。Harman博士撰寫或合著了18本關於微處理器、MATLAB和Simulink應用以及國家電氣代碼等主題的書籍。他在UHCL的實驗室裡有一個Baxter雙臂機器人和幾個TurtleBot以及其他機器人。


  1. ROS入門

  2. 創建您的第一個兩輪ROS機器人(在模擬中)

  3. 使用TurtleBot四處行駛

  4. 使用TurtleBot在世界中導航

  5. 創建您的第一個機器人臂(在模擬中)

  6. 使用關節控制使機器人臂搖晃

  7. 讓機器人飛行

  8. 使用外部設備控制您的機器人

  9. 使用Crazyflie執行任務飛行

  10. 擴展您的ROS能力