Learning ROS for Robotics Programming, 2/e (Paperback)

Enrique Fernandez, Luis Sanchez Crespo, Anil Mahtani, Aaron Martinez



Your one-stop guide to the Robot Operating System

About This Book

  • Model your robot on a virtual world and learn how to simulate it
  • Create, visualize, and process Point Cloud information
  • Easy-to-follow, practical tutorials to program your own robots

Who This Book Is For

In order to make the most of the book, you should have a C++ programming background, knowledge of GNU/Linux systems, and general skills in computer science. No previous background in ROS is required, as this book takes you from the ground up.

What You Will Learn

  • Install a complete ROS Hydro system
  • Create ROS packages and metapackages, using and debugging them in real time
  • Build, handle, and debug ROS nodes
  • Design your 3D robot model and simulate it in a virtual environment within Gazebo
  • Generate and adapt the navigation stack to work with your robot
  • Integrate different sensors such as Range Laser, Arduino, and Kinect with your robot
  • Visualize and process Point Cloud information from different sensors
  • Control and plan the motion of robotic arms with multiple joints using MoveIt!

In Detail

Starting at an introductory level, this book is a comprehensive guide to the fascinating world of robotics, covering sensor integration, modeling, simulation, computer vision, navigation algorithms, and more. You will then go on to explore concepts such as topics, messages, and nodes. Next, you will learn how to make your robot see with HD cameras, or navigate obstacles with range sensors.

What's new in this updated edition? First and foremost, we are going to work with ROS Hydro this time around. You will learn how to create, visualize, and process point cloud information from different sensors. This edition will also show you how to control and plan the motion of robotic arms with multiple joints using MoveIt!




- 在虛擬世界中建模您的機器人並學習如何模擬它
- 創建、可視化和處理點雲信息
- 易於跟隨的實用教程,以編寫自己的機器人程序



- 安裝完整的ROS Hydro系統
- 創建ROS包和元包,實時使用和調試它們
- 構建、處理和調試ROS節點
- 設計您的3D機器人模型並在Gazebo虛擬環境中進行模擬
- 生成並適應導航堆棧以與您的機器人一起工作
- 將不同的傳感器(如範圍激光器、Arduino和Kinect)集成到您的機器人中
- 可視化和處理來自不同傳感器的點雲信息
- 使用MoveIt!控制和規劃具有多個關節的機械臂運動



這個更新的版本有什麼新內容?首先,我們將使用ROS Hydro。您將學習如何從不同的傳感器中創建、可視化和處理點雲信息。本版本還將向您展示如何使用MoveIt!控制和規劃具有多個關節的機械臂運動。