Microsoft Team Foundation Server Cookbook

Tarun Arora

  • 出版商: Packt Publishing
  • 出版日期: 2016-01-30
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 340
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1784391050
  • ISBN-13: 9781784391058
  • 相關分類: DevOpsMicrosoft AzureAgile Software
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Over 80 hands-on recipes for scrum teams to enable continuous delivery of software using Team Foundation Server 2015

About This Book

  • Release high quality, reliable software quickly through building, testing, and deployment automation
  • Improve the predictability, reliability, and availability of TFS in your organization by scheduling administration and maintenance activities
  • Extend, customize, and integrate tools with TFS, enabling your teams to manage their application lifecycles effectively

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at developers and configuration analysts who want to understand the capabilities of Team Foundation Server to deliver quality software faster. A working set up of Team Foundation Server 2015 and some familiarity with TFS or the concepts of software lifecycle management is assumed.

What You Will Learn

  • Create a team project from a customized process template
  • Merge multiple team projects into one team project
  • Set up a Git-based and TFVC-based code repository in TFS
  • Report progress when using the Scaled Agile Framework in TFS
  • Add a new field to the work item template and report on that field
  • Use TFS REST API to programmatically retrieve all the revisions on a specific work item
  • Export test artefacts from the test hub in team web access
  • Create a continuous integration build with Build vNext
  • Use Visual Studio Onlines load testing capability with Build vNext
  • Customize and extend the capabilities of Team Foundation Server to meet your needs

In Detail

Team Foundation Server allows you to manage code repositories, build processes, test infrastructure, and deploy labs, all while easily collaborating and reporting status. Team Foundation Server supports your team, enabling you to connect, collaborate, and deliver on time. Microsoft s approach to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) provides a flexible and agile environment that adapts to the needs of your team, removes barriers between roles, and streamlines processes so that you can focus on delivering high quality software faster and more efficiently. In a world where software development is increasingly critical to business success, the ALM principles embodied by Team Foundation Server are more relevant than ever.

The main goal of this book is to educate software development teams to the capabilities of Team Foundation Server 2015 that make the job of delivering quality software easier, faster, and more fun.

The book begins with an introduction to creating and setting up team projects for scrum teams. From there, you ll explore various source control repositories, branching, and merging activities along with a demonstration of how to embed quality into every code check-in. As you progress further, you ll discover agile project planning and management tools that enable you to plan, track, and report on your product backlogs and sprints.

The examples covered in this book show you how to advance from continuous integration to continuous deployment and delivery of software. In the latter half of the book, emphasis is given to testing and release management features of TFS that facilitate the automation of the release pipeline to create potentially shippable increments, sprint over sprint. In the final chapters, you ll learn to extend and customize TFS plugins to incorporate them into other platforms and enable teams to manage the software life cycle effectively.


《Scrum團隊的Team Foundation Server 2015連續交付軟體的80個實用食譜》

- 通過構建、測試和部署自動化,快速釋出高品質、可靠的軟體
- 通過安排管理和維護活動,提高組織中TFS的可預測性、可靠性和可用性
- 通過擴展、自定義和整合工具與TFS,使團隊能夠有效地管理應用生命週期

本書針對開發人員和配置分析師,旨在讓他們了解Team Foundation Server的能力,以更快地交付高品質軟體。假設讀者已經設置了Team Foundation Server 2015並對TFS或軟體生命週期管理的概念有一定的熟悉。

- 從自定義流程模板創建團隊專案
- 將多個團隊專案合併為一個團隊專案
- 在TFS中設置基於Git和TFVC的程式碼存儲庫
- 在使用TFS的Scaled Agile Framework時報告進度
- 在工作項目模板中添加新字段並對該字段進行報告
- 使用TFS REST API以程式方式檢索特定工作項目的所有修訂
- 從團隊Web訪問中的測試中心導出測試工件
- 使用Build vNext創建持續整合生成
- 使用Visual Studio Online的負載測試功能與Build vNext一起使用
- 自定義和擴展Team Foundation Server的能力以滿足您的需求

Team Foundation Server允許您管理程式碼存儲庫、構建流程、測試基礎設施和部署實驗室,同時輕鬆協作和報告狀態。Team Foundation Server支持您的團隊,使您能夠連接、協作並按時交付。微軟的應用生命週期管理(ALM)方法提供了一個靈活和敏捷的環境,適應您團隊的需求,消除角色之間的障礙,並簡化流程,讓您專注於更快、更高效地交付高品質軟體。在軟體開發對業務成功越來越重要的世界中,Team Foundation Server所體現的ALM原則比以往更加重要。

本書的主要目標是教育軟體開發團隊使用Team Foundation Server 2015的能力,使交付高品質軟體的工作更輕鬆、更快速、更有趣。