Tableau: Creating Interactive Data Visualizations

Jen Stirrup, Ashutosh Nandeshwar, Ashley Ohmann, Matt Floyd

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About This Book

  • Use data visualization principles to help you to design dashboards that enlighten and support business decisions
  • Integrate your data to provide mashed-up dashboards
  • Connect to various data sources and understand what data is appropriate for Tableau Public
  • Understand chart types and when to use specific chart types with different types of data

Who This Book Is For

Data scientists who have just started using Tableau and want to build on the skills using practical examples. Familiarity with previous versions of Tableau will be helpful, but not necessary.

What You Will Learn

  • Customize your designs to meet the needs of your business using Tableau
  • Use Tableau to prototype, develop, and deploy the final dashboard
  • Create filled maps and use any shape file
  • Discover features of Tableau Public, from basic to advanced
  • Build geographic maps to bring context to data
  • Create filters and actions to allow greater interactivity to Tableau Public visualizations and dashboards
  • Publish and embed Tableau visualizations and dashboards in articles

In Detail

Tableau: Creating Interactive Data Visualizations starts with making you familiar with its features and enable you to develop and enhance your dashboard skills, followed by how you can collect data using various mathematical formulas. Next, you'll learn to filter and group data, as well as how to use various functions to present the data in an appealing and accurate way.

In the first module, you will learn how to use the advanced string functions to play with data and images. You will be walked through the various features such as dual axes, scatterplot matrices, heat maps, and sizing. In the second module, you'll start with getting your data into Tableau, move onto generating complex graphics. This module is filled with practical examples to help you create filled maps, use custom markers, and create dashboards. You will learn how to manipulate data in various ways by applying various filters, logic, and calculating various aggregate measures. Finally, in the third module, you learn about Tableau Public using which allows readers to explore data associations in multiple-sourced public data, and uses state-of-the-art dashboard and chart graphics to immerse the users in an interactive experience. In this module, the readers can quickly gain confidence in understanding and expanding their visualization, creation knowledge.

The course provides a great overview for beginner to intermediate Tableau users, and covers the creation of data visualizations of varying complexities.