Hands-On GUI Programming with C++ and Qt5 : Build stunning cross-platform applications and widgets with the most powerful GUI framework (Paperback)

Lee Zhi Eng

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  • 出版日期: 2018-04-27
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1788397827
  • ISBN-13: 9781788397827
  • 相關分類: QtC++ 程式語言
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Key Features

  • Explore Qt5's powerful features to easily design you GUI application
  • Leverage cross-platform development ability of QT5 which gives you the opportunity to release your product to wider audience
  • Learn to customize your Qt application with various modules like Multimedia, Networking, QtLocation and so on.

Book Description

Qt 5, the latest version of Qt enables the developers to develop applications with complex user interfaces for multiple targets. It gives faster, smarter ways to create modern UIs and application for multiple platforms thus guarantying cross-platform development at its best.This book teaches how to design and build a graphical user interface that is functional, appealing, and user-friendly using Qt5.

In the initial part of the book, you will learn what is Qt5 and what you can do with it. You will dive into Qt Designer and discover different types of widgets generally used in Qt5 and then connecting your application to the database for dynamic operations. Moving on you will be introduced with the most anticipated feature in latest version of Qt5 - Qt5 chart which allows to easily render different types of graphs and charts and then incorporating List View Widgets in your application. You will be working with various Qt modules like QtLocation, Qt WebEngine, Multimedia, Graphics and Networking module and learn how to build them in your projects. The last part focuses cross-platform development with QT5 that enables developers code once and run it everywhere, natively, including mobile platforms. This book delivers the bigger picture of GUI programming by building real-world, productive, and fun application.

By the end of this book, you will successfully learn high-end GUI applications, and will be capable of building many more powerful, cross-platform applications.

What you will learn

  • Implement the tools provided by Qt5 to design beautiful looking GUI
  • Understand different types of Graphs and Charts supported by Qt5
  • Create web browser using Qt5 WebEngine module and web view widget
  • Connect to MySQL database and display data obtained from it onto Qt5 GUI
  • Incorporate Qt5 multimedia and networking module in your application
  • Develop Google Map-like application using Qt5's location module
  • Discover cross-platform development by exporting Qt5 application to different platforms
  • Uncover the secrets behind debugging Qt5 and C++ applications



  • 探索 Qt5 強大的功能,輕鬆設計 GUI 應用程式

  • 利用 Qt5 的跨平台開發能力,將產品釋出給更廣泛的受眾

  • 學習使用各種模組(如多媒體、網路、QtLocation 等)自訂 Qt 應用程式


Qt 5 是最新版本的 Qt,使開發人員能夠為多個目標開發具有複雜使用者介面的應用程式。它提供更快、更智能的方式來創建現代化的 UI 和多平台應用程式,確保最佳的跨平台開發。本書教授如何使用 Qt5 設計和建立功能齊全、吸引人且用戶友好的圖形使用者介面。

在本書的開頭部分,您將學習什麼是 Qt5 以及您可以使用它做什麼。您將深入研究 Qt Designer,並了解 Qt5 中通常使用的不同類型的小工具,然後將應用程式連接到資料庫以進行動態操作。接下來,您將介紹 Qt5 最受期待的功能 - Qt5 圖表,它可以輕鬆呈現不同類型的圖形和圖表,然後將列表視圖小工具整合到您的應用程式中。您將使用各種 Qt 模組(如 QtLocation、Qt WebEngine、多媒體、圖形和網路模組)並學習如何在您的專案中建立它們。最後一部分專注於使用 Qt5 進行跨平台開發,使開發人員能夠一次編寫代碼,並在各個平台上本地運行,包括移動平台。本書通過構建真實、高效且有趣的應用程式,傳遞了 GUI 編程的整體圖景。

通過閱讀本書,您將成功學習高端的 GUI 應用程式,並能夠建立更多功能強大的跨平台應用程式。


  • 使用 Qt5 提供的工具設計漂亮的 GUI

  • 了解 Qt5 支援的不同類型的圖形和圖表

  • 使用 Qt5 WebEngine 模組和 Web View Widget 創建網頁瀏覽器

  • 連接到 MySQL 資料庫並在 Qt5 GUI 上顯示從中獲取的資料

  • 在應用程式中整合 Qt5 的多媒體和網路模組

  • 使用 Qt5 的位置模組開發類似 Google 地圖的應用程式

  • 通過將 Qt5 應用程式導出到不同平台上,了解跨平台開發

  • 揭示調試 Qt5 和 C++ 應用程式的秘訣