PowerShell Core for Linux Administrators Cookbook: Use PowerShell Core 6.x on Linux to automate complex, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks

Prashanth Jayaram, Ram Iyer

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  • 出版日期: 2018-11-29
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Over 150 recipes to leverage Microsoft's open source automation framework and command line shell

Key Features

  • Work effectively on Windows, Linux, and macOS with PowerShell's object-oriented approach and capabilities
  • Generate rich insights into your Linux workloads to help remediate any issues
  • Enhance your native Linux capabilities with PowerShell Core 6.1

Book Description

PowerShell Core, the open source, cross-platform that is based on the open source, cross-platform .NET Core, is not a shell that came out by accident; it was intentionally created to be versatile and easy to learn at the same time. PowerShell Core enables automation on systems ranging from the Raspberry Pi to the cloud.

PowerShell Core for Linux Administrators Cookbook uses simple, real-world examples that teach you how to use PowerShell to effectively administer your environment. As you make your way through the book, you will cover interesting recipes on how PowerShell Core can be used to quickly automate complex, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks. In the concluding chapters, you will learn how to develop scripts to automate tasks that involve systems and enterprise management.

By the end of this book, you will have learned about the automation capabilities of PowerShell Core, including remote management using OpenSSH, cross-platform enterprise management, working with Docker containers, and managing SQL databases.

What you will learn

  • Leverage the object model of the shell, which is based on .NET Core
  • Administer computers locally as well as remotely using PowerShell over OpenSSH
  • Get to grips with advanced concepts of PowerShell functions
  • Use PowerShell for administration on the cloud
  • Know the best practices pertaining to PowerShell scripts and functions
  • Exploit the cross-platform capabilities of PowerShell to manage scheduled jobs, Docker containers and SQL Databases

Who this book is for

PowerShell Core 6.1 Linux Administration Cookbook is for you if you are a system administrator who wants to learn to control and automate a Linux environment with PowerShell Core 6.1. Basic knowledge of PowerShell scripting is necessary. It is assumed that you already understand how an operating system is structured and how to use the command-line interface to work with the operating system.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing PowerShell Core
  2. Preparing for Administration using PowerShell
  3. First Steps in Administration using PowerShell
  4. Passing data through pipelines
  5. Using Variables and Objects
  6. Working with Strings
  7. Flow Control using Branches and Loops
  8. Performing Calculations
  9. Using Arrays and Hash Tables
  10. Handling Files and Directories
  11. Building Scripts and Functions
  12. Advanced Concepts of Functions
  13. Debugging and Error Handling
  14. Enterprise Administration using PowerShell
  15. PowerShell and Cloud Operations
  16. Using PowerShell for SQL Database Management
  17. Using PowerShell with Docker


《PowerShell Core 6.1 Linux Administration Cookbook》


- 使用PowerShell的面向對象方法和功能,在Windows、Linux和macOS上高效工作
- 生成對Linux工作負載的豐富洞察力,幫助解決任何問題
- 通過PowerShell Core 6.1增強本地Linux功能

PowerShell Core是基於開源、跨平台的.NET Core的開源、跨平台殼層,它不是偶然產生的殼層,而是有意創建的,旨在既多功能又易於學習。PowerShell Core可以在從Raspberry Pi到雲端的各種系統上進行自動化。

《PowerShell Core 6.1 Linux Administration Cookbook》使用簡單的實例教授如何使用PowerShell有效管理環境。在閱讀本書的過程中,您將學習如何使用PowerShell Core快速自動化複雜、重複和耗時的任務。在結尾章節中,您將學習如何開發腳本來自動化涉及系統和企業管理的任務。通過本書,您將了解PowerShell Core的自動化能力,包括使用OpenSSH進行遠程管理、跨平台企業管理、使用Docker容器和管理SQL數據庫。

- 利用基於.NET Core的殼層對象模型
- 使用PowerShell通過OpenSSH在本地和遠程管理計算機
- 掌握PowerShell函數的高級概念
- 在雲端上使用PowerShell進行管理
- 熟悉有關PowerShell腳本和函數的最佳實踐
- 利用PowerShell的跨平台能力來管理定時任務、Docker容器和SQL數據庫

本書適合對PowerShell Core 6.1和Linux環境進行控制和自動化的系統管理員。需要具備基本的PowerShell腳本知識。假設您已經了解操作系統的結構以及如何使用命令行界面與操作系統進行工作。

1. 介紹PowerShell Core
2. 使用PowerShell進行管理的準備工作
3. 使用PowerShell進行管理的第一步
4. 通過管道傳遞數據
5. 使用變量和對象
6. 使用字符串
7. 使用分支和循環進行流程控制
8. 執行計算
9. 使用數組和哈希表
10. 處理文件和目錄
11. 構建腳本和函數
12. 函數的高級概念
13. 調試和錯誤處理
14. 使用PowerShell進行企業管理
15. PowerShell和雲端操作
16. 使用PowerShell進行SQL數據庫管理
17. 使用PowerShell與Docker