NetSuite for Consultants: A handbook for ERP and CRM consultants to implement NetSuite 2021 quickly and easily

Ries, Peter



Key Features

  • Understand how to take a new client from the kickoff meeting through to their go live and beyond in the fastest possible time
  • Explore the new innovations in NetSuite 2021 and leading practices for ERP and CRM consultants
  • Avoid the common pitfalls that consultants can run into when implementing NetSuite

Book Description

Used by thousands of organizations worldwide, NetSuite's customer and financial management solutions expedite daily financial transactions, accelerate the financial close, ensure compliance, and so much more. With companies around the world choosing to run their business on this cloud-based SaaS solution, the demand for NetSuite professionals is ever increasing. This book takes a hands-on approach to help you grasp the implementation and associated methodologies in no time.

You'll start by exploring what NetSuite is, how it works, and how accounts, support, and updates work within its ecosystem. Understanding a business' requirements is a critical first step toward completing any software product implementation, so you'll learn how to write business requirements by learning about the various departments, roles, and processes in the client's organization. Once you've developed a solid understanding of NetSuite and your client, you can apply your knowledge to configure accounts and test everything with the users. Finally, you'll get to grips with managing both functional and technical issues that arise post-implementation and learn how to handle them like a professional.

By the end of this book, you'll have gained the knowledge necessary to implement NetSuite for businesses and get things up and running in the shortest possible time.

What you will learn

  • Understand the NetSuite ecosystem, including its main modules, the platform, and related features
  • Explore the fundamentals of NetSuite and get ready to implement it in any organization
  • Discover how to manage gaps, data migration, and integrations with NetSuite
  • Find out how to minimize disruptions in finance as you migrate to NetSuite
  • Understand the steps to configure your organization's account and how development and testing fit into the implementation schedule
  • Refine your skills with NetSuite tips and tricks and make each implementation process a success

Who this book is for

This book is for consultants (or any NetSuite users) tasked with bringing an organization live on NetSuite. Basic NetSuite training and a general understanding of its features is required to get the most out of this book.



  • 了解如何在最短時間內從啟動會議開始,將新客戶帶到上線並持續支援

  • 探索NetSuite 2021的新創新和ERP和CRM顧問的最佳實踐

  • 避免在實施NetSuite時顧問可能遇到的常見問題





Peter Ries is currently employed as a consulting technical director at Oracle NetSuite. He has been providing high-quality consulting for innovative software solutions for many years.He enjoys solving problems, developing new software tools, and integrating applications to make his clients' businesses run on NetSuite. He works with all sorts of up-to-date technologies and loves the fact that he can continue to do so. When he is not working, he likes to read a lot, blog, and ride bikes as much as time allows. --This text refers to the paperback edition.


Peter Ries目前在Oracle NetSuite擔任諮詢技術總監。多年來,他一直提供高品質的諮詢服務,為創新軟體解決方案提供支援。他喜歡解決問題、開發新的軟體工具,並整合應用程式,使客戶的業務在NetSuite上運行。他使用各種最新技術,並且喜歡能夠繼續這樣做。在工作之餘,他喜歡閱讀、寫部落格,並盡可能多地騎自行車。--此文字參考平裝本版本。


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to the NetSuite Ecosystem, Platform, and Related Features
  2. Selecting and Applying an Implementation Methodology
  3. Creating a Project Plan
  4. Documenting the Organization's Requirements
  5. Analyzing the Organizations Users and Roles
  6. Understanding the Organization's Accounting and Finance
  7. Getting to Know the Organization's Customers, Other Entities, and Items
  8. Identifying the Organization's Main Transactions
  9. Custom Forms, Records, and Fields
  10. Centers and Dashboards
  11. Items and Related Lists
  12. Customers, Vendors, Contacts and Other Entities
  13. Financial Transactions and Period Closes
  14. Procure-to-Pay Transactions
  15. Order-to-Cash Transactions
  16. Other Transactions and Custom Transactions
  17. Analytics, Reports, and Data Exports
  18. Managing Gaps and Creating Custom Automations
  19. Managing Integrations
  20. Managing Data Migrations



1. NetSuite生態系統、平台和相關功能介紹
2. 選擇和應用實施方法論
3. 創建項目計劃
4. 紀錄組織需求
5. 分析組織的使用者和角色
6. 了解組織的會計和財務
7. 瞭解組織的客戶、其他實體和項目
8. 辨識組織的主要交易
9. 自訂表單、記錄和欄位
10. 中心和儀表板
11. 項目和相關清單
12. 客戶、供應商、聯絡人和其他實體
13. 財務交易和期末結算
14. 采購至付款交易
15. 訂單至現金交易
16. 其他交易和自訂交易
17. 分析、報表和數據導出
18. 管理差距並創建自訂自動化
19. 管理整合
20. 管理數據遷移