Microservices Communication in .NET Using gRPC: A practical guide for .NET developers to build efficient communication mechanism for distributed apps (Paperback)

Sazanavets, Fiodar

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  • 出版日期: 2022-02-11
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Learn how to implement gRPC on the .NET platform step by step and cover how to use gRPC on .NET, including fundamentals, use cases, and best practices

Key Features

  • Explore all aspects of gRPC implementation on .NET, from the most basic features to advanced ones
  • Discover best practices for using gRPC to make sure that your applications are as efficient and as scalable as possible
  • Identify when gRPC is the best tool for the job and when it isn't

Book Description

Explore gRPC's capabilities for faster communication between your microservices using the HTTP/2 protocol in this practical guide that shows you how to implement gRPC on the .NET platform.

gRPC is one of the most efficient protocols for communication between microservices that is also relatively easy to implement. However, its official documentation is often fragmented and.NET developers might find it difficult to recognize the best way to map between C# data types and fields in gRPC messages. This book will address these concerns and much more. Starting with the fundamentals of gRPC, you'll discover how to use it inside .NET apps. You'll explore best practices for performance and focus on scaling a gRPC app. Once you're familiar with the inner workings of the different call types that gRPC supports, you'll advance to learning how to secure your gRPC endpoints by applying authentication and authorization.

With detailed explanations, this gRPC .NET book will show you how the Protobuf protocol allows you to send messages efficiently by including only the necessary data. You'll never get confused again while translating between C# data types and the ones available in Protobuf.

By the end of the book, you'll have gained practical gRPC knowledge and be able to use it in .NET apps to enable direct communication between microservices.

What you will learn

  • Get to grips with the fundamentals of gRPC and Protobuf
  • Debug gRPC components inside a .NET application to locate and fix errors
  • Understand gRPC best practices, such as performance enhancement
  • Effectively translate between gRPC and native C# code by applying well-known types
  • Secure gRPC communication inside a .NET application
  • Discover how to monitor gRPC on .NET by applying logging and metrics

Who this book is for

This book is for NET developers who are working with microservices and are looking for efficient solutions to facilitate communication between services using gRPC. Anyone who is familiar with microservices architecture and has knowledge of the fundamentals of .NET Core, but not necessarily of gRPC, will also find this book useful.




- 探索在.NET上實現gRPC的各個方面,從最基本的功能到高級功能。
- 發現使用gRPC的最佳實踐,確保應用程序盡可能高效和可擴展。
- 確定何時gRPC是最佳工具,何時不是。




通過詳細的解釋,這本gRPC .NET書籍將向您展示Protobuf協議如何通過僅包含必要的數據來高效地發送消息。您將再也不會在C#數據類型和Protobuf中可用的類型之間混淆。



- 瞭解gRPC和Protobuf的基礎知識。
- 在.NET應用程序中調試gRPC組件,以查找和修復錯誤。
- 理解gRPC的最佳實踐,如性能增強。
- 通過應用常用類型,有效地在gRPC和本地C#代碼之間進行轉換。
- 在.NET應用程序中保護gRPC通信。
- 通過應用日誌記錄和指標,瞭解如何監控.NET上的gRPC。

本書適合對微服務工作並尋求使用gRPC促進服務之間通信的.NET開發人員。任何熟悉微服務架構並具備.NET Core基礎知識(但不一定熟悉gRPC)的人也會發現本書有用。


1. Creating a basic gRPC application on ASP.NET Core
2. When gRPC Is the Best Tool - And When It Isn't
3. Protobuf – the communication protocol of gRPC
4. Performance Best Practices for Using gRPC on .NET
5. How to Apply Versioning to a gRPC API
6. How to Scale a gRPC Application
7. How to Use All Different Call Types That gRPC Supports
8. Using Well-Known Types to Make Protobuf More Handy
9. Securing gRPC Endpoints in Your ASP.NET Core Application with SSL/TLS
10. Applying Authentication and Authorization to gRPC Endpoints
11. Using Logging, Metrics, and Debugging in gRPC on .NET


1. 在ASP.NET Core上建立基本的gRPC應用程式
2. 當gRPC是最佳工具時 - 以及何時不是
3. Protobuf - gRPC的通訊協定
4. 在.NET上使用gRPC的性能最佳實踐
5. 如何對gRPC API進行版本控制
6. 如何擴展gRPC應用程式
7. 如何使用gRPC支援的所有不同呼叫類型
8. 使用Well-Known類型使Protobuf更方便
9. 在ASP.NET Core應用程式中使用SSL/TLS保護gRPC端點
10. 對gRPC端點應用身份驗證和授權
11. 在.NET上使用日誌記錄、指標和除錯功能的gRPC