The Ultimate Guide to Building a Google Cloud Foundation: A one-on-one tutorial with one of Google's top trainers

Haggerty, Patrick

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  • 出版日期: 2022-08-26
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Follow Google's own ten-step plan to construct a secure, reliable, and extensible foundation for all your Google Cloud base infrastructural needs

Key Features

- Build your foundation in Google Cloud with this clearly laid out, step-by-step guide
- Get expert advice from one of Google's top trainers
- Learn to build flexibility and security into your Google Cloud presence from the ground up

Book Description

From data ingestion and storage, through data processing and data analytics, to application hosting and even machine learning, whatever your IT infrastructural need, there's a good chance that Google Cloud has a service that can help. But instant, self-serve access to a virtually limitless pool of IT resources has its drawbacks. More and more organizations are running into cost overruns, security problems, and simple "why is this not working?" headaches.

This book has been written by one of Google's top trainers as a tutorial on how to create your infrastructural foundation in Google Cloud the right way. By following Google's ten-step checklist and Google's security blueprint, you will learn how to set up your initial identity provider and create an organization. Further on, you will configure your users and groups, enable administrative access, and set up billing. Next, you will create a resource hierarchy, configure and control access, and enable a cloud network. Later chapters will guide you through configuring monitoring and logging, adding additional security measures, and enabling a support plan with Google.

By the end of this book, you will have an understanding of what it takes to leverage Terraform for properly building a Google Cloud foundational layer that engenders security, flexibility, and extensibility from the ground up.

What you will learn

- Create an organizational resource hierarchy in Google Cloud
- Configure user access, permissions, and key Google Cloud Platform (GCP) security groups
- Construct well thought out, scalable, and secure virtual networks
- Stay informed about the latest logging and monitoring best practices
- Leverage Terraform infrastructure as code automation to eliminate toil
- Limit access with IAM policy bindings and organizational policies
- Implement Google's secure foundation blueprint

Who this book is for

This book is for anyone looking to implement a secure foundational layer in Google Cloud, including cloud engineers, DevOps engineers, cloud security practitioners, developers, infrastructural management personnel, and other technical leads. A basic understanding of what the cloud is and how it works, as well as a strong desire to build out Google Cloud infrastructure the right way will help you make the most of this book. Knowledge of working in the terminal window from the command line will be beneficial.


遵循Google自己的十步計劃,為您的Google Cloud基礎架構需求建立一個安全、可靠且可擴展的基礎。

- 使用這份清晰明確的逐步指南在Google Cloud中建立您的基礎。
- 從Google頂級培訓師獲得專家建議。
- 從頭開始學習如何在Google Cloud中建立靈活性和安全性。

從數據輸入和存儲,到數據處理和數據分析,再到應用程序托管甚至機器學習,無論您的IT基礎架構需求是什麼,Google Cloud都有可能提供相應的服務。但是,即時、自助訪問幾乎無限的IT資源也有其缺點。越來越多的組織遇到成本超支、安全問題和簡單的“為什麼這不起作用?”的困擾。

這本書是由Google頂級培訓師撰寫的教程,教您如何正確地在Google Cloud中建立基礎架構。通過遵循Google的十步檢查表和安全藍圖,您將學習如何設置初始身份提供者並創建組織。接下來,您將配置用戶和組,啟用管理訪問權限並設置計費。然後,您將創建資源層次結構,配置和控制訪問權限,並啟用雲網絡。後面的章節將指導您配置監控和日誌記錄,添加其他安全措施,並與Google一起啟用支持計劃。

通過閱讀本書,您將了解如何利用Terraform正確地構建Google Cloud基礎層,從而從一開始就實現安全性、靈活性和可擴展性。

- 在Google Cloud中創建組織資源層次結構。
- 配置用戶訪問權限、權限和關鍵的Google Cloud平台(GCP)安全組。
- 構建深思熟慮、可擴展且安全的虛擬網絡。
- 了解最新的日誌記錄和監控最佳實踐。
- 利用基礎設施即代碼自動化工具Terraform來減少重複工作。
- 通過IAM策略綁定和組織策略限制訪問。
- 實施Google的安全基礎藍圖。

本書適合尋求在Google Cloud中實施安全基礎層的任何人,包括雲工程師、DevOps工程師、雲安全從業人員、開發人員、基礎架構管理人員和其他技術負責人。對雲是什麼以及如何工作有基本的了解,以及強烈的構建Google Cloud基礎架構的意願,將有助於您充分利用本書。對於在命令行窗口中使用終端機的知識也會有幫助。


Patrick Haggerty was never quite sure what he wanted to be when he grew up, so he decided he’d just try things until he figured it out. Thrown out of college at 20, he spent 4 years in the USMC learning responsibility (and to be a better apex predator). Out on a disability, he turned wrenches in a mechanic shop, worked tech support, studied Actuarial Science, and coded in more languages than he wants to remember. When a job asked him to run some internal training, he discovered a lifelong passion: helping people learn.

Patrick has worked as a professional trainer for 25+ years and spends most of his days working for ROI Training and Google, helping people learn to leverage Google Cloud


Patrick Haggerty在長大後一直不確定自己想成為什麼,所以他決定試試看各種事情,直到找到答案。20歲時被大學開除後,他在美國海軍陸戰隊度過了4年,學會了負責任(並成為更好的頂級掠食者)。因為傷殘而離職後,他在一家修車廠擔任機械師,提供技術支援,學習精算科學,並編寫了許多他不想再記得的程式語言。當一份工作要求他負責內部培訓時,他發現了終身的熱情:幫助人們學習。

Patrick已經擔任專業培訓師超過25年,大部分時間都在為ROI Training和Google工作,幫助人們學習如何利用Google Cloud。


1. Getting to Know Google's Cloud
2. IAM, Users, Groups, and Admin Access
3. Setting Up Billing and Cost Controls
4. Terraforming a Resource Hierarchy
5. Controlling Access with IAM Roles
6. Laying the Network
7. Foundational Monitoring and Logging
8. Augmenting Security and Registering for Support


1. 了解 Google 的雲端平台
2. IAM、使用者、群組和管理者存取權限
3. 設定帳單和成本控制
4. 建立資源層級的基礎架構
5. 使用 IAM 角色控制存取權限
6. 建立網路架構
7. 基礎監控和日誌記錄
8. 增強安全性並註冊支援服務