Learn D3.js 5

Rocha, Helder Da

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  • 出版日期: 2019-05-02
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  • ISBN: 1838645578
  • ISBN-13: 9781838645571
  • 相關分類: Data-visualization
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Key Features

  • Explore the latest D3.js 5 for creating charts, plots, and force-directed graphics
  • Practical guide for creating interactive graphics and data-driven apps with JavaScript
  • Build Real-time visualization and transition on web using SVG with D3.js

Book Description

This book is a practical hands-on introduction to D3 (Data-driven Documents): the most popular open-source JavaScript library for creating interactive web-based data visualizations. Based entirely on open web standards, D3 provides an integrated collection of tools for efficiently binding data to graphical elements. If you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript you can use D3.js to create beautiful interactive web-based data visualizations.

D3 is not a charting library. It doesn't contain any pre-defined chart types, but can be used to create whatever visual representations of data you can imagine. The goal of this book is to introduce D3 and provide a learning path so that you obtain a solid understanding of its fundamental concepts, learn to use most of its modules and functions, and gain enough experience to create your own D3 visualizations. You will learn how to create bar, line, pie and scatter charts, trees, dendograms, treemaps, circle packs, chord/ribbon diagrams, sankey diagrams, animated network diagrams, and maps using different geographical projections. Fundamental concepts are explained in each chapter and then applied to a larger example in step-by-step tutorials, complete with full code, from hundreds of examples you can download and run.

This book covers D3 version 5 and is based on ES2015 JavaScript.

What you will learn

  • Learn to use D3.js version 5 and web standards to create beautiful interactive data-driven visualizations for the web
  • Bind data to DOM elements, applying different scales, color schemes and configuring smooth animated transitions for data updates
  • Generate data structures and layouts for many popular chart formats
  • Apply interactive behaviors to any chart
  • Create thematic maps based on GIS data using different geographical projections with interactive behaviors
  • Load, parse and transform data from JSON and CSV formats

Who this book is for

The book is intended for web developers, web designers, data scientists, artists, and any developer who wish to create interactive data visualization for the Web using D3. The book assumes basic knowledge of HTML, CSs, and JavaScript.



  • 探索最新的D3.js 5,用於創建圖表、繪圖和力導向圖形

  • 實用指南,用於使用JavaScript創建交互式圖形和數據驅動的應用程序

  • 使用D3.js在Web上建立實時可視化和過渡,使用SVG


本書是一本實用的手把手介紹D3(Data-driven Documents)的入門書:這是最受歡迎的開源JavaScript庫,用於創建交互式基於Web的數據可視化。D3完全基於開放的Web標準,提供了一套集成的工具,用於有效地將數據綁定到圖形元素上。如果您具備HTML、CSS和JavaScript的基本知識,您可以使用D3.js創建美麗的交互式Web數據可視化。


本書涵蓋D3版本5,並基於ES2015 JavaScript。


  • 學習使用D3.js版本5和Web標準,為Web創建美麗的交互式數據驅動可視化

  • 將數據綁定到DOM元素,應用不同的比例尺、顏色方案,並配置平滑的動畫過渡以進行數據更新

  • 為許多常見的圖表格式生成數據結構和佈局

  • 對任何圖表應用交互行為

  • 使用不同的地理投影和交互行為基於GIS數據創建主題地圖

  • 加載、解析和轉換JSON和CSV格式的數據




Helder teaches, writes and develops applications with Java and Web technologies since 1995. In 1996 he wrote one of the first books in Portuguese about HTML and JavaScript, and since then he created hundreds of presentations, tutorials, and course materials on Java, Java EE, programming tools, patterns, techniques, methodologies, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG, XML and related technologies, data visualization, Arduino and Internet of Things. He holds a masters degree in Computer Science. He also has a background in the visual arts and design and has some of his artwork in permanent museu


Helder自1995年以來一直使用Java和Web技術進行教學、撰寫和開發應用程式。在1996年,他撰寫了一本關於HTML和JavaScript的葡萄牙語書籍,是其中一本最早的葡萄牙語書籍之一。從那時起,他創作了數百個關於Java、Java EE、程式設計工具、模式、技術、方法論、HTML、CSS、JavaScript、SVG、XML和相關技術、資料視覺化、Arduino和物聯網的演示文稿、教程和課程材料。他擁有計算機科學碩士學位。他還有視覺藝術和設計背景,並且他的一些藝術作品被永久收藏在博物館中。


  1. Introduction
  2. Technical Fundamentals
  3. Quick Start
  4. Data Binding
  5. Manipulating Data and Formatting
  6. Scales, Axes, and Colors
  7. Shape and Layout Generators
  8. Animation and Interactivity
  9. Visualizing Hierarchical Data
  10. Visualizing Flows and Networks
  11. Visualizing Geographical Data



  1. 介紹

  2. 技術基礎

  3. 快速入門

  4. 資料綁定

  5. 資料操作和格式化

  6. 刻度、軸和顏色

  7. 形狀和佈局生成器

  8. 動畫和互動性

  9. 視覺化階層資料

  10. 視覺化流程和網絡

  11. 視覺化地理資料